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Press work is an integral part of public relations that is still an important part of it today. Companies, associations, etc. can publish a press release to inform members of the press of important news. The press representatives for their part then pass the information on to the final readers. In order to increase the chances of a report being published, there are certain standards that you should adhere to when creating a press release. The press releases are then distributed, for example, via professional press portals such as openPR.

Publish press release - reach your target audience

A press release (PM) is a short informative text that is intended to draw attention to a specific event, important news or information of importance.

Public relations work is carried out by means of a press release. Journalists and editors receive press releases and then decide whether there is sufficient news value for the final reader.

A press release can have various purposes:

  • A company, a product, an event, etc. to make it better known
  • Strengthening the company image
  • Influencing the public perception of the company
  • Reaching new target groups
  • More reach

What to look for before posting a press release

To increase the chances of dissemination or publication, a few tips should be taken into account when creating a press release:

  • Meaningful headline
    Press representatives have to sort through numerous press releases every day. A meaningful, not too long headline helps to encourage further reading.
  • place and date
    The place and date should be mentioned in every press release.
  • Introduction with W questions
    In the introduction it is important to answer as many W-questions as possible, i.e. who, what, when, where, how and why.
  • Middle part
    Details and background information can be given here. With the help of numbers, facts, case studies and names, the text becomes even clearer.
  • Press contact
    The author of the press release introduces himself briefly (including the year the company was founded and the sector in which the company was founded), and the contact person's contact details are given if the press representative should request feedback.

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