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On Delta Theta III, Kirk and Spock are captured by the locals during the liberation of the honorary commander Ari bn Bem, who operates on their own.

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Enterprise computer log
Stardate 7403.6
Captain Kirk
Our mission: research and contact. As an independent observer, we are accompanied by an alien whose species was only recently contacted. Honorary Commander Ari bn Bem from the planet Pandro in the Garo VII system. We are in orbit around Delta Theta III, a newly discovered Class M planet. An earlier reconnaissance flight discovered that there is life here. The Enterprise is supposed to investigate and report on it.

A landing party consisting of Kirk, Spock, Scotty and Sulu is supposed to beam onto the planet. Kirk instructs Uhura to keep scanning them. In the transporter room they are already expected by Ari bn Bem, who wants to come on the mission. Kirk asks what he's doing here. Captain Kirk advises him that he is only on board as an observer and insists that he stay on board, the danger is too great and he has to ensure the safety of the guest. Kirk also fears diplomatic entanglements. Ultimately, Kirk agrees to it on condition that Bem is responsible for it.

Bem informs them that he has already discontinued the van. The away team then beams down. Unfortunately, the coordinates entered by Bem are not quite correct. Two of the five men, namely Kirk and Spock, materialize in the air over an abyss and fall into the water. Bem, apparently willing to help the two of them, takes the opportunity and jumps into the water to disarm the men unnoticed: below the surface of the water, his abdomen separates from his upper body and independently replaces the phasers with dummies. After Kirk reprimanded Bem that only Scott or the transport crew will operate the transporter in the future, they are called by Uhura, who has discovered an energy signature nearby. Arex does not detect a directed, but only a Brownian molecular movement. Spock thinks it could be a life form. Kirk replies that it could also be a coincidental phenomenon. Soon after, Ari bn Bem locates a living being. Suddenly Bem runs away from the crew, Kirk and Spock chase him while Sulu and Scott guard the equipment. In the thick undergrowth they believe that they have followed him to a dead end, not knowing that he is capable of dividing his body and is thus able to flee through the thick jungle. A little later they come across a native settlement. It appears that Bem has been captured by them.

Arex now detects increased activity in the anomaly. Uhura reports to Scotty that she cannot reach the captain, a force field is disrupting communication. Scotty suggests they look for them, but Uhura insists that he and Mr. Sulu beam up again. Meanwhile, Kirk wants them Enterprise shouting, but realizes that both phasers and communicators are dummies. Kirk and Spock sneak up to the village and watch the natives. They wait until it is dark and then sneak to the cage where the natives are holding Bem. However, he feels disturbed in his observations by his helpers. But the men are discovered and locked up too.

The next day some heated discussion breaks out among the prisoners. Bem accuses Kirk of not being as good a captain as he was promised. Kirk blames Bem for the situation alone. Bem replies that Kirk is by no means as good a captain as he was told. He is of the opinion that people have made themselves too dependent on technology and that it is too humiliating for him to use it. Kirk says that they can free themselves with the devices. Bem does not want to humiliate himself by using the devices. Nevertheless he gives them back to the officers. The men are amazed to find that Bem is a multi-part creature. Bem did not tell them anything to investigate. Kirk arrests Bem to prevent further damage.

After breaking free, try that Enterprise but cannot get through because of the sensory abnormality. They are trying to sneak out of the village. When they are discovered and attacked, Kirk gives the order to fire. Suddenly a female voice sounds, asking her not to open fire. In addition, they freeze and can no longer move. The voice asks them again not to use weapons against "their children". Kirk reports that they are only investigating the planet. However, the voice asks what gives them the right to do so, they have no rights on this planet and deprive them of their instruments and weapons. The natives take them prisoner again.

Arex meanwhile has on the EnterpriseSigns of life have been identified, but cannot identify them beyond doubt. He's not sure if it's the captain's and Spock's, but Scotty beams down immediately with an armed rescue team.

Another argument breaks out between Kirk and Bem in the prison cages. Bem is extremely dissatisfied with Kirk's approach, believing him to be incompetent and the humans to be an inferior species. He divides his body and disappears. Spock suggests contacting the intelligence. Kirk tries to contact the alien intelligence. But his communicator doesn't seem to have enough range on its own. so Spock links two communicators together and Kirk tries again. This time the voice answers. Kirk offers an apology and wants to leave the planet immediately and avoid future disturbances. Kirk also wants to take the third intelligence with him. However, the being cannot perceive this. However, it accepts Kirk's proposal. However, Kirk insists on being able to find Bem. The intelligence allows him to contact his ship.

Kirk orders a security squad to be beamed down with high-performance tricorders. This appears and frees the men. Then they look for Bem. Some of the security officers are discovered and attacked by the natives. These also have Bem with them. With a few phaser shots they can drive the natives away. Bem is suddenly very ashamed and realizes his misjudgment. Kirk gives him a lecture, Bem shows remorse.

The strange voice answers. She is very upset that the men still haven't disappeared. Kirk explains that they had to look for Bem, otherwise "their children" would hardly have been able to find peace. In addition, they are also responsible for him. The being considers this to be a wise decision and is somewhat appeased. Bem is now so angry with himself that he wants to "break up". But the being speaks to him, and he can be changed. Then she asks again that the men leave the planet, which they do immediately.

On the Enterprise lets Kirk set course and instructs the planet to be classified as quarantined. Ari ben Bem assures that Pandro will also observe them. Before the ship leaves orbit, Uhura receives a call from the intelligence that bids them goodbye and tells them to be proud of what they have learned here. The Enterprise then leaves orbit.

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CIC synchronized version


CIC synchronized version

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Kirk mentions his middle name for the first time.

The first broadcast in Germany took place in 1976 in a cut, tailored to the children's program and synchronized with speakers that differed from the original series under the title Lizard hunting. On October 4th, 2016, the unabridged version, which had already been dubbed in 1994 with the original speakers, was broadcast on German free TV for the first time (see TAS in Germany).

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