What stores sell beer in Pennsylvania

Last weekend I had some time again and thought I could try buying beer in Pittsburgh again. It's always nice when you sit together in the evenings on the weekend and then can toast with something other than water. However, I think we mentioned earlier on the blog that buying beer in Pennsylvania is not that easy. At the weekend a lot went wrong ... but one after the other.

In Pennsylvania, high-proof alcohol can only be sold in liquor stores. Wine, schnapps etc. are only available in (state-run) shops. Such a liquor store can also be found around the corner from us. The only problem is: these liquor stores don't sell beer! Because beer is only available in inns and bars! Some bars actually have "take-away beers".
By the way, supermarkets are generally not allowed to sell alcohol. The supermarket that I normally buy from has neither beer nor other alcohol. Another, larger supermarket, a little further away, circumvents this sales ban with an interesting trick. The market sells beer, but at its own cash desk in the supermarket's own cafe! This means that since the beer is practically sold in the cafe / bar, this is permitted by law. Crazy!!!

So I had time on Sunday and thought to myself, I would take the way to the Giant Eagle Market District (the larger supermarket mentioned) and get some beer again. The supermarket is about 3km away and relatively easy to reach by bike in a short time. The only stupid thing is that there is a really steep mountain between the supermarket and our house that you have to cycle over. Nevertheless, the route can be done relatively easily by bike and so I set off in the early, warm, sunny afternoon.

I bought a box of 12 Bud light Platinum (12 x 12 FL OZ). You can't buy more. This is also regulated by the law: more than 144 FL OZ beer may not be bought, which corresponds to exactly 12 cans. After getting some other groceries, I packed everything in my backpack. Full to the top and quite heavy (I had also bought some canned food etc.) I put it on my back and dragged it to my bike, only to find that my front tire had a flat tire! The tire was really completely flat, so no chance of going home with it.

Without a bike, the path suddenly extends from 15 minutes 'drive to 45 minutes' walk. On top of that over a steep mountain, in the "pleasant" afternoon heat, a backpack full of food and cans and a broken bike in the hand.

When I finally got home an eternity later, I was soaking wet and totally exhausted. The heavy backpack had also graciously rubbed my back so that I was bleeding a little. In addition, tomorrow was Monday and I needed my bike to go to work. So brought the shopping home and bike in hand again on the way. In the bike shop, the first positive thing of the day: the repair, including a new tube, costs only $ 16 and only took a few minutes.

After I was finally able to park my bike in the basement at home and everything was done, I opened a Bud light Platinum to celebrate the great day and made myself comfortable in front of the TV. Bottom up!