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The best special browsers: surf anonymously and safely

Arne Arnold

With special security browsers, you can surf the Internet in a much more protected manner. You can find out which systems are particularly suitable here.

EnlargeNowadays, many websites track visitors - but that can be prevented.
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Visiting an infected website is enough to catch a PC virus. On most other websites, extensive tracking networks follow almost every step you take. If you want to surf the Internet securely, you have to defend yourself against several attackers. In addition to PC viruses and tracking sites, there are data thieves who want to steal your log-in information with fake websites. Against such dangers, you need a browser with good filters against unwanted websites. In addition, the browser should generally reveal as little information as possible about you and your system so that your privacy remains protected. An interesting alternative are virtual systems and live systems, which you can also protect well while surfing the Internet.

Security browsers use the normal substructure of Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox, but modify it more in terms of security than is the case with the originals. If security is particularly important to you when surfing, you should definitely try one of the following browsers.

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Comodo Dragon: Proven security browser

EnlargeThe security browser Comodo Dragon offers, among other things, the extension "IP / DNS Leakage Detector", which warns you of manipulated domains (website names).

Like Google Chrome, the Comodo Dragon browser is based on the Chromium open source project, but some security functions have been added. The program detects invalid SSL certificates and warns you of supposedly encrypted websites, whose data traffic can, however, be read by hackers.

Advantages: More and more websites are currently converting their connections to the encrypted SSL protocol. But this also increases the possibility of errors in the system and forgeries on SSL websites. Basically, all common browsers recognize faulty SSL certificates and criticize the associated connections. The Comodo company also issues SSL certificates itself and is very familiar with the field. Domain verification is one of the strengths of Comodo Dragon. An extension for an individual domain check is also available.

Disadvantage: The browser not only comes with pre-installed security extensions, but also with a price comparison (“price suggester”). This extension did not appear in our test, but in principle such a module is a violation of privacy. At least you can uninstall the extension via "Settings icon -> More tools -> Extensions".

Conclusion: Anyone on an international shopping tour should use the Comodo Dragon browser, because Comodo's special DNS server (Domain Name System) promises protection against fake websites.

Avira Scout: Young protection browser from Avira

EnlargeThe security browser Avira Scout comes from the antivirus specialist Avira. It will filter dangerous websites and protect your privacy with a good cookie manager.

The antivirus manufacturer Avira has released its own security browser. The Avira Scout tool is based on Chromium, the open source browser that is also used for Google Chrome. Avira has expanded the tool with three main functions: With HTTPS-Everywhere, the browser switches to an encrypted connection to a website whenever possible. However, this assumes that the website also offers an HTTPS connection.

The Privacy Badger extension blocks tracking cookies and thus prevents, for example, advertising networks from tracking you while you are surfing. We consider the privacy badger to be a successful tracking protection. It does not use ready-made prohibition lists, but blocks cookies based on their access frequency on different pages. In many cases this works very well. For the best tracking protection, however, you should click on the Privacy Badger extension in the top right from time to time and see which cookies are not yet blocked. You can readjust there using the slider. Advanced users manage this control better than beginners. As a third function, an Avira website filter is built into the protection browser.

Advantages: The Avira website filter is one of the biggest pluses of this browser. He can use the Avira databases to block dangerous websites.

Disadvantage: Apart from the filter against dangerous websites, the security functions do not come from Avira, but are compiled from free extensions. This is not fundamentally a disadvantage, but you should know if Avira makes the browser liable to pay the costs in the future.

Conclusion: If you are looking for a fast, uncomplicated Internet browser with good protection against dangerous websites and good tracking protection, then use Avira Scout. At the time of going to press, the browser was still free. As such, it is fully recommended.

Jondofox: Surf anonymously with proven technology

EnlargeThe Jondo program reliably disguises your IP address while surfing. In conjunction with the Jondofox browser, you also only send a small amount of data about yourself to websites you visit.

Jondofox is a safe surfing system for the Firefox browser. It configures Firefox so that you reveal as little data as possible while surfing. The browser extensions HTTPS-Everywhere and Noscript are included.

If Firefox is not installed on the PC when Jondofox is installed, it will be loaded automatically. So that you can surf anonymously, you need the Jondo tool, which you also have to install and start. Only in this combination can you no longer identify a visited website because Jondo has given you a different IP address. In addition, nobody in the Jodo network can record your way while surfing. This succeeds because Jondo guides your way to a website via several intermediate stations, the so-called mixing. Tip: First, install Jondo. The Jondo installation assistant automatically loads Jondofox onto the PC if required.

Advantages: The system that ensures anonymization was largely developed by German universities and is considered to be very reliable when it comes to anonymization. The mixes, i.e. the servers that ensure anonymization, used to be located only at a few universities. The current system is operated by Jondos GmbH, but even today only certified mixes are used for anonymization. Jondo can also be used independently of Jondofox.

Anonymity on the Internet is also used by criminals, which subsequently calls the law enforcement authorities to the scene. These can cause a Jondo user to be monitored. This point can be booked as an advantage at Jondofox / Jondo, since the procedure for a possible monitoring is clear and transparent. Monitoring can only be requested if there is a specific suspicion and in accordance with the rule of law. The opposite of this is the Tor system. Whoever uses this anonymizer can be as innocent as possible, the surveillance apparatus of several countries will try to trace his path in the Tor network.
Disadvantage: The reliable anonymization via Jondo reduces the surfing speed. However, if you want to be online quickly and anonymously, you can book a premium rate. It is available from 8.33 per month, for which there is then 2 GB of data volume per month. The free version of Jondofox in connection with Jondo has a few other restrictions: For example, only the data traffic from websites (http and https) is anonymized, and the file size for uploads and downloads is a meager 2 MB.

After all, Jondo requires Java to be installed. Serious security gaps have repeatedly been found in this software over the past few years. If you use Jondo, you must always make sure that you have the latest Java installed. The Secunia PSI update tool, for example, can help. You have to pay attention to this: To surf anonymously, install and start the Jondo tool. When it starts, it offers a connection wizard through which you can buy the premium tariff. If you would like to try the tool for free first, simply click on “Next” in the first window.

Conclusion: Jondofox in connection with Jondo is well suited for reliable anonymization when surfing the Internet. If you want to be on the move quickly and also have to load files, you can choose a paid tariff.

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