What are some long train ride hacks

Deutsche Bahn: Hidden tricks of the Bahn app

Numerous people travel by train every day. The online ticket is becoming increasingly popular. But the Deutsche Bahn app can do more than just display tickets. We show six tricks for the DB Navigator app.

Where is the next free seat, which car is the family compartment in and which section of the train is the best for me to get on? Many common problems of train travelers can be solved with the train app. We show the hidden tricks.

1. Never stand on the wrong track again

You have booked a seat and are shown a car number. But the train is long and probably nobody wants to walk the whole train with the big suitcase. The train sequence shows at which section of the train your car stops. Corresponding plans are attached to the railroad tracks, but you have to know the train number. It is easier to check the train sequence in the app. We'll show you how in this photo show.

2. Save frequently used routes

Do you often travel from Berlin to Hamburg or commute between different places? Then save your connection as a favorite. To do this, click on Favorites and History in the menu bar and mark the frequently used connections with an asterisk. Now you can see the current connections of the route with one click.

3. Transfer the train journey to the calendar

The route is selected, the ticket is booked. In order not to miss the train, the departure is entered in the calendar. However, this also works automatically. To do this, open the connection, click on the three white dots and select "Save in calendar". If you now save the trip in the calendar, you will not only be reminded of the departure, but you will also receive a notification shortly before you have to change trains. Train numbers and tracks are also entered.

4. Search for regional trips

You have to go to an appointment in a strange city but don't know how to get there? Google Maps would be an option here, but the train app can also navigate you to your destination. To do this, enter your start and destination address in the input fields. In some places you can now also book the bus ticket via the app. If you have to walk a few minutes from the destination stop, the app will show you the way by clicking on the map symbol. However, navigation apps still work better here.

5. Find a free place

Especially people who travel alone like to forego a seat reservation. There is a trick to avoid having to spend a long time looking for a free seat on the train: Click on "Proceed to booking" for the selected trip. Now to reserve a seat and then click on "Next".

Under the train number there is a small arrow with "Show seats". If you click here, the free and occupied places will be displayed. You can now either book the place you want, or remember the free place, cancel the booking and hope that the place will remain free during the journey.

6. Get more connections displayed

If you are looking for a train connection in the app, only a few, but very fast connections are often displayed. If you want to have more alternatives for your trip, you have to deselect the item "Fastest connections".

To do this, click on the gray person symbol above the "Search" button in the travel information. You can now also enter your Bahncard here. Under the "Options" tab, deselect "Show fastest connection". This also shows you route combinations with regional trains.