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Feminist Theories on the Separation of Private and Public - A Look Back Forward

For over 30 years the journal feminist studies has been one of the leading inter- and transdisciplinary forums for Women- and Gender Studies in the German-speaking countries.

The fs address social changes critically, engage in scholarly and public debates and provide impetus for current controversies.

One aim is to promote new views but also to give rise for changes in practice: issues with a special focus - e.g.

"Economy beyond Growth - Feminist Perspectives on the (Post-) Growth Society] (Issue 2/2017) - take up currently relevant topics and social questions or respond to new forms of thinking and new practices, eg under the title "More Feminist and Critical Theory" [More Feminist and Critical Theory] (Issue 1/2018).

The printed version of feminist studies is published twice a year, in May and November. Our comprehensive index allows you to find specific articles with the help of a list of keywords and authors ’names.

The fs have always regarded themselves as a place for critical reflection of feminist movements and articulations: Our blog (blog.feministische-studien.de), introduced in November 2014, intends to complement the journal with up-to-date contributions to current issues, to encourage the dialog between different feminist generations and to invite to enter into conversations with our authors and us.

We wish you intellectual and political stimulation reading our journal or the blog and are looking forward to your response.

The Editors

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