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3 tips for more credibility in sustainability communication

1. Pay, please!

“We are continuously working to reduce our carbon footprint.” Sentences like these can be found in almost every sustainability report. Basically there is nothing wrong with that. However, this is important Document level. Because only if the company makes statements like this facts and figures lined, it becomes a shoe. Without numbers, such a statement is nothing more than an assertion that is difficult or impossible to verify. A page-filling table with emission data is not a solution either. Better: complex information usingInfographics illustrate.

2. "We are not perfect"

Target not achieved? Found a different solution than originally planned? Can happen. What doesn’t work: Events like this are quietly sweeping under the carpet. Credible communication is based on that Courage for the gap. It needs honesty and transparency. Explain why something didn't work as it should - and how to do it better from now on want. On your own initiative, point out topics on which you as an organization are not yet perfect. Your readers will appreciate this and will place even more trust in you in the future.

3. Excellent!

Seals, awards, external reports - including those Evaluation of independent experts can increase the credibility of your sustainability communication. Take part in tenders for prestigious awards or have important key figures in your sustainability report checked by an auditing company. According to the sustainability report external standards creating can also improve its credibility. The core option of the Global Reporting Initiative or the standards of the German Sustainability Code are suitable for entry.

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Image source: (c) Magda Ehlers (pexels.com)