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Are you looking for sun, snow and a breathtaking panorama? Then off to Central Switzerland and take the steepest funicular in the world up to the car-free Stoos. During the journey, a 110% gradient is overcome - unbelievably impressive when you are at the front of the train. Pippo's mistress compares the journey with a train ride in the amusement park, only, here we are not in the amusement park, this is "real" life!





Incidentally, if you are wondering about the decorated and illuminated statue in the last tunnel: It is not a sign of a tragic accident, but rather the patron saint of miners and averting misfortune in the tunnel construction - Saint Barbara.


Once on the high plateau, there is not much going on yet, we are out early and thus the first guests in the Sternegg restaurant. Strengthened with hot coffee and lukewarm nut croissants (mmhhh!) We walk up to the small chapel. Whoever enters the beautiful wooden building feels like in a cozy chalet - if it weren't for the magnificently decorated altar.



The chairlift first takes you to the Mettlen intermediate station and from there on to the Fronalpstock. It's an unusual feeling when you're standing in line between all the skiers with only your hiking boots on.


From the Fronalpstock you have a panoramic view that will take your breath away. In good weather you can see from Rigi and Pilatus to the Eiger and the Säntis. The highlight for us Unterländer: The view of the foggy blanket with the knowledge that we can enjoy the sun up here while those who stayed at home are stuck in the cloudy fog.




And of course you have the majestic myths right in front of your eyes.



A 1.5-kilometer circular route on the Fronalpstock summit shows you Switzerland from its most beautiful side. Incredible that not more people have discovered this impressive place. While other peaks like Pilatus and Rigi are overrun by tourists, here we only share the view with a handful of people. The perfect moment to let Pippo off the leash for a moment. He enjoys it and runs excitedly back and forth in the deep snow, tirelessly.



For the way back we decide not to take the chairlift from Mettlen, but to go on foot. A project that I wouldn't necessarily recommend to you in winter. Instead of a beautiful winter hiking trail, we have to trudge through the snow at the edge of the ski slope, always with the uncomfortable feeling of being overlooked and hit by a skier or snowboarder ...


Back in the village of Stoos, we are amazed to find that we are not traveling alone: ​​the Sternegg restaurant is full and the bear is dancing in the Feldschlösschen bar in front of the train station. Well, all these people haven't been up on the Fronalpstock ...



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