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With a Bungalow vacation you can at least make your dream home come true during your vacation. Some buy in bungalowto live in it, others use it Flat roof house as a garden house and others offer their bungalows as Holiday apartment at. In such a bungalow apartment you can spend a wonderful holiday. Bungalows are particularly popular for holidays on the Baltic Sea, the North Sea and in many parts of Holland. Find out in this article what a bungalow is. I will tell you for whom it is Prefabricated house best suited and show you where you can spend a great bungalow vacation.

What is a bungalow?

A bungalow is a single-storey, detached house with a flat roof or another roof shape. There is usually one for sale Prefabricated bungalow, a turnkey house. Next to a flat roof are a Bungalow hipped roof or a gable roof popular roof shapes of such prefabricated houses. Bungalows are just as popular as accommodation on vacation. The term bungalow is therefore often used in connection with a holiday home or summer house. Another use of bungalows is a garden shed. The term bungalow has its origin in Indian. Bungalow comes from Hindi "bangla"which literally means “Bengali”. What is meant is a Bengali house. During the colonial period in the 18th century, the British colonists took the Bengali architecture as a model to build their own houses in this style. In English these houses were called "bungalows". As residential houses, they have always been widespread, especially in America. In Germany, bungalows experienced their heyday in the 1960s. At that time they were a status symbol with their comfortable furnishings and their simple, modern design. Today bungalows are on the rise again and are particularly popular for renting out as holiday homes.

Features of a bungalow and its advantages

Bungalows are characterized by the fact that they at ground level, so are built without stairs. They are usually rectangular or square in plan and have a flat appearance. A characteristic of bungalows is also thatRoof shape. Flat roofs, hipped roofs and gable roofs are particularly popular. The traditional Bengali village houses have a wide veranda. American and European bungalows usually border one another garden and seamlessly connect the interior and exterior. Thus, the prefabricated houses enable abarrier-free living and are very suitable for wheelchair users or elderly people with mobility problems. Bungalows are also popular with families. Due to their wide area, they offer many design options, light-flooded rooms and, above all, short distances without climbing stairs. The different rooms such as living room, kitchen, bedroom, children's room and bathroom are all on one level. Especially for Families with young children this is an advantage, because parents have a better view of their children. For the reasons mentioned, bungalows are also interesting for certain target groups as holiday accommodation. Find out more about it below!

Bungalow vacation - who is a prefabricated house best for?

A Bungalow vacation is a great alternative to a vacation in a hotel or an apartment. The advantages of a bungalow are obvious. You have your own four walls on a bungalow holiday and can be for you. This type of vacation is suitable forFamilies with children as good as forsenior citizens or People with walking difficulties. The main advantage of bungalows is theirs Accessibility. A bungalow is the perfect solution for people who are in wheelchairs or who have other walking difficulties. Furthermore, bungalows are suitable for Garden lover. If you open the front door of your bungalow, you step into the garden immediately or you get to the veranda with a view of the garden.

Bungalows on the Baltic Sea, in Holland and other places in the world

Whether for a family vacation with children or a vacation with grandparents who find it difficult to climb stairs - bungalows as holiday homes provide a remedy. Are particularly popularBungalows on the Baltic Sea. There are a number of bungalows available as holiday homes on the Baltic Sea islands and on the mainland. Here you can rent a bungalow on the beach or opt for a flat roof house in the country. You also have this choice with bungalows at the North Sea. Most of all they are Bungalows in Holland spread. You can even find whole ones hereBungalow parks, in which you can choose between different prefabricated houses. In addition, bungalows are widespread in the Mecklenburg Lake District. In addition, you can in some campsites Bungalow camping do. Here you live in a bungalow-shaped tent, a bungalow caravan or a real bungalow mostly made of wooden walls. Besides Germany and Holland also knows Italy convince with different bungalow holiday homes for the vacation. Intercontinental bungalows can be found especially in Thailand Use.

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