How do I flirt with my girlfriend

How can you make a woman in love?

Can you really make a woman in love? One can. In the end, rapprochement and seduction is a pattern that plays out with every new partner. However, have you ever wondered why a woman is in love with you or why not?

Here I will tell you the answer, with 4 essential tips:

1. Make a woman in love with your personality

You met a cute girl and now you want to conquer her? At the beginning there is the burning question: How does she fall in love with me? Or asked in general: How do women even fall in love?

Clearly: Your beloved is not attracted to you because you own a Ferrari or because you have upper arms like Master Proper.

You fascinate them through your personality, through what you radiate and are. If you ask a woman why she fell in love with you, she will usually answer you, which qualities she values ​​in you.

In order to convince your dream woman of you, you should first strengthen your manhood and thereby become a dream man.

To do this, develop your male personality:

  • Become a man with clear goals instead of just living into the day. What is your mission that you get up and fight for every morning?
  • Listen to women and recognize their needs.
  • When it comes to dating, take the lead as an alpha male instead of letting them make every decision
  • Give them protection and stand by their side (for example, drive your loved one home safely after the date when it's already dark).
  • Have the courage to be honest and always express your own opinions.

A feminine woman will always fall in love with a masculine man. That means, become a man with the right flirting attitude!

By the way: this is how you conquer her on a date!

You finally want to meet your dream woman and conquer her WITHOUT receiving a rebuff? Then you have to stick to a crucial rule!

But the shocking thing is: 97% of men have no idea how to thread a romantic date and physically get closer to the woman until they have a lasting affair or relationship.

That's why these guys end up in the friend zone as "good buddies" or get no response at all while writing.

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2. Let them miss you

"Please excuse me briefly, Stefan, my friend called five minutes ago, I'll just call her back."

You have probably heard this sentence from one of your buddies or maybe you are someone who sticks to your lady of heart like a fly to honey.

After reading this article, that should be a thing of the past. Because you can leave the woman with the feeling that she misses you and let her fidget a little instead of always reporting back to you immediately.

This hanging around is perfectly fine if you want her to fall in love with you. Always remember:

If you are busy and having a nice evening with your friends, you shouldn't give the woman special rights. After all, you wouldn't be doing it for one of your buddies either.

The woman will think:

"Oh man, what is he doing? I miss him a lot! "

She invests thoughts in you. Always more and more. Your advantage: A person who (emotionally) invests a lot in another person also increases the feeling of being connected to them.

So don't be available to the woman every second if you want to make her in love. This behavior is not only unattractive but also gives the impression that you have nothing to do in your life.

3. Make a woman in love with an emotional roller coaster

One study found that people who are in a dangerous situation together fall in love much faster.

You share a strong bond.

That doesn't mean that you and your chosen one have to plunge into a jungle full of big cats. The risk of having a heart attack or even being eaten is not really worth taking this life risk :-)

It's also much easier: You should do something with her that both of you irritates, but also scares you a little.

For example, I recommend a tandem jump. If that's too daring for you, you can take a look at more date ideas here.

A little tip in advance: Make sure to take photos during your trip! That reminds you and them again and again of your little heroic deed.

4. Make a woman in love with good sex

Science has found that women fall in love with sex because it releases love and attachment hormones in their bodies.

The best known of these hormones is oxytocin. The material ensures that women have to think about the man constantly and would like to spend every second with him.

In principle, it's not that important to have “good” sex with the woman, so you shouldn't put yourself under pressure now.

Because the hormone does not depend on your performance, but is released after EVERY lovemaking.

So if you want to make a woman in love, the best thing to do is to have sex with her very often.

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In addition, the following tips will help you to conquer them:

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