Do you like nuts

Translation of "do you like a couple" in spanish

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Do you like a few Get to know friends of mine?

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Do you like maybe a few Betel Nuts or Leaves?
You like though a few Blurred boundaries, but in any case you didn’t cross them.
You like maybe a few To fool people, El Barto, but not me.
Well, right now do you like maybe feel that way, Lavernagain ... but as soon as you get him a few Once you've heard, you'll love him.
Bueno, quizás lo odies ahora, Laverneotravez ... ... pero cuando lo escuches varias veces, te va a encantar.
I could you a few Give tips if you like.
Here are a few Pignolis and ... Speedo diving socks, you so like.
Te traje piñones y ... un nuevo par de las medias de buzo Speedo que te gustan.
I probably can a few Get tickets if you like.
I have ... you a few made of the biscuits that you like so much like.
I have a few Packed little things to eat that you like.
If you like the series like, should you get something from a few Swedish authors read.
Si te gustan de ese tipo, deberías revisar alguno de los autores suecos.
And the guy you like, you will end up with a masculine that only a few Has shoes.
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