What are some Shakespearean short sonnets

William Shakespeare: Sonnet 15-21

III. 15–21: I ENGRAFT YOU NEW––let me but truly write

The first septet in which my verse becomes the main topic. So nice 15 introduces the poet, together with the illusory world of the stage as the place of action: Where wastefull time debateth with decay… I engraft you new. All seven sonnets allow the ego to speak. It begins cautiously and speaks to the beloved three times Personal You the sooner it becomes more confident of itself and to Invocatory Thou transforms.

So nice 18, the most famous of all Shakespeare sonnets, towards which all the preceding poems have worked more or less clearly, is the gravity of this septet: So long as men can breathe or eyes can see / So long liues this, and this giues life to thee. Incidentally, this not exactly modest statement is not typically Shakespeare, but rather part of the canon. But it is interesting that Shakespeare, in spite of all his other overcoming of Petrarchist conceits, does not want to do without it. We'll see to what extent his verse becomes a rope by which he pulls himself out of the swamp of faint heartedness.

The sonnets 19 – 21 flank the central poem. 19 takes up the fight with the deuouring time threatening the beloved; 20 describes his feminine features (Master Mistris of my passion) and underlines that feminine rhymes; and 21 protests against proud compare, the cheap rhetorical exaggeration: I will not prayse that purpose not to sell.