Successful people hesitate

Six habits of successful people

Sometimes it seems that successful people have some sort of "secret knowledge" that helps them get to the top in almost any business. What makes them different from common mortals?

There are six non-self-evident habits that can help you become more efficient.

When I was a kid, my father told me that the best way to be successful is to make friends with successful people. I couldn't fully understand his advice at the time, but those words were firmly entrenched in my head.

I couldn't fully appreciate their importance as an adult until my wife and I moved to the country to build our own family nest. I was working on the Internet at the time, so I rarely visited the city. I had to make business contacts, so I began to correspond regularly with people who were considered role models for me and whom I would like to be like in the future.

It soon began to bear fruit because I had a whole network of people, each of whom I highly valued and respected. Among them there were entrepreneurs, highly qualified specialists and active designers.

The best way to succeed is to make friends with successful people.

I'm a little sorry now that I didn't understand the real meaning of these words beforehand, but at the same time I'm proud that I did succeed in the end. After learning how they deal with their lives, I succeeded too. Most surprisingly, successful people have no secrets. You just stick to the six rules that I am happy to share with you.

Successful people are not afraid to share and give

The most important characteristic of leaders is their generosity. They like to share their time and resources with others and are not afraid to talk about their ideas.

Of course, this does not mean that they are acting to their own disadvantage. One of the people I spoke to said that "the quickest way to get an idea going is to tell someone else about it". The more you give to this world, the more chances you have in the future. The phrase "the more you give, the more you get" has become a cliché precisely because it is true.

You write everything down

Successful people take notes all the time. The notes help to better analyze what is happening in order to identify certain logic and rules. In addition, a notepad (or a special mobile app) teaches self-reflection. If you write down your thoughts and ideas on paper, you will achieve your goals faster, as well as harmony with yourself.

They understand that failure is inevitable

People who trade are not interested in the ratio of sales to the total number of customers. Instead, they value the total number of contacts made. Even if a particular deal isn't closed - it doesn't matter! If you are active and constantly striving, you are doomed to succeed.

The writer Seth Godin once said: "If I lose more than you, I will win." All the successful people I know stick to this rule. They don't believe any of their actions were wrong. They know that failure is a necessary part of the road to success, i.e. a valuable experience.

Don't be afraid of criticism

Feedback is important to any business. It's stupid to be constantly offended by people whose words can show you potential omissions and errors. To be successful, you must pay due attention to the words of others. Successful people don't hesitate to ask other people's opinions and always find the time to do so.

Can say "no"

Successful people are not demigods. In addition, they are not always smarter and more successful than others. The reason for success is due to various useful skills and characteristics on which success depends. One of them is the ability to live in the present. If someone is trying to distract you from your business, don't be afraid to say clearly "no".

Before that, I was shy myself to say the word "no", felt guilty and didn't want to come across as impolite. But now I am convinced that Warren Buffett was right when he said that "honesty is a rejection of most things".

Silence is golden

When we talk, we don't learn anything. But you just have to listen to the person you are talking to to get a lot of useful information for yourself. Success, both in business and in personal life, depends on our ability to understand what the other person wants. This is easy to do: all you have to do is set the right priorities between speaking and listening.

It sounds pathetic, but these six brilliant tips can completely change a person's life. Success is not a godsend, but hard work, everyday practice and discipline. You don't have to reinvent the wheel to get the result. It is enough to do the right thing for a long time.

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