AWS has a bug bounty program

Building a data lake on AWS

Antivirus & Firewall: Encryption: The Best Free Data Safes

With these top tools, you can turn your hard drive into a Fort Knox that hackers and thieves will grit their teeth on. Free data vaults that can keep a secret.

Healthy eating in the office: "There are always alternatives!"

Eating healthy in the office often doesn't seem that easy. A nutrition expert reveals what is important and gives a conciliatory answer to many a small sin. Sufficient exercise is essential to reduce the risk of illness and to stay fit well into old age. But nutrition also literally plays a role

Europe's data protection rules slow down Facebook - share crashes

Even if Facebook continues to make billions - investors let the share crash.

F-Secure: Austria is the most common target of hacker attacks

According to a recent survey, Austrian servers were particularly attractive for attacks by international hackers.

Earn money while surfing: New Firefox version wants to make it possible

Mozilla wants to involve more users in the search for security holes. There is now a special Firefox version that automatically reports memory errors to Mozilla. If you are lucky, you will get money from the Bug Bounty program.

Chrome 68 for download: that's behind the many security warnings

Chrome 68 is ready and available for free download. The new browser brings Google's vision of the completely encrypted web a step forward. Chrome now explicitly warns of websites without HTTPS as "Not secure".

Windows 10 April 2018 Update gets new Intel microcode updates

In addition to the new cumulative updates for Windows 10 released yesterday, other Intel microcode updates are also available. The current Windows 10 April 2018 update aka version 1803 and its predecessor, version 1709 are addressed. (Read more)

Digital Germany: "We are much better than we think"

With the new video format Changerider, Philipp Depiereux and t3n want to take away people's fear of digitization. The current interview guest: Ulrich Schäfer. He is a book author, head of the business editorial department of the Süddeutsche Zeitung and, as the host and moderator of the annual SZ business summit, he applauds

AV-Test Security Report 2017/2018

The number of newly developed malicious programs remains at a high level. Private users and companies should continue to expect these threats.

Dare to be imperfect!

We Germans like to be perfectionists. In our column “Transform or die” we explain why this is not always perfect. The country, which has gained a top reputation internationally with high-quality products “Made in Germany”, is alienated with the terms “failure”, “failure culture” and “failure” - this phase

t3n Deal: Free start-up platform starts in cooperation with the KFW and the BMWI

Are you planning to start your own company, but still have unanswered questions as to whether your idea is economical or how you can polish up your business plan? Then register for free on the start-up platform and take advantage of the comprehensive offer! [caption id = "attachment_1089870" align = "alignright" width = "480" class =

RDX drives with built-in encryption

During the CeBIT, Overland-Tandberg presented some further developments of its RDX technology. This also included the hardware-based encryption rdx PowerEncrypt.

Psychological tricks: These are the most successful phishing scams

So-called phishing is and will remain a successful scam for tricking ignorant users into accessing a particular service. The attackers simply take advantage of the user's desire for more security. That they achieve the exact opposite is of course a certain (dangerous) irony. (Continue reading)

Continuous delivery and data in the EU: The most important innovations for Google's cloud customers

At the Cloud Next conference, Google presented some innovations for corporate customers. With Cloud Build, the Google Cloud is now getting a CI / CD pipeline. G Suite customers, in turn, get AI functions and can specify where their data is stored. As part of the Cloud Next conference at the Moscone Center in San Francisco, Google e

New Specter gap discovered - again!

Two universities have independently pointed out a new variant of the notorious Specter vulnerability.