Plastic water bottles can be frozen

Freezing plastic bottle - yes or no?

Plastic bottles contain liquids. Many people would like to freeze the liquid it contains. However, the question arises as to whether plastic bottles are suitable, as the liquid expands when it freezes and the bottle could be destroyed as a result. With us you will find out everything you need to know.

The risk with plastic bottles in the freezer

When it comes to plastic bottles, many people fear that they will burst or even explode like glass bottles. However, this risk is extremely low with plastic bottles. Liquids sometimes expand when they freeze. In the case of water, the increase in volume is approx. 10%. Normally, the plastic bottles absorb this growth through the elastic material. In addition, most of the bottles are not completely filled. A plastic bottle can explode or burst - but the risk is negligible. Plastic bottles are preferable to glass bottles when freezing.

Advantageous properties of a plastic bottle

The plastic bottle deforms as the liquid it contains grows. Often the stiffness of the material is enough to absorb the growing volume. However, there are other properties that make a plastic bottle even more suitable for freezing. These include the following conditions or characteristics of the plastic bottles.

  • high rigidity of the material
  • relatively high thickness of the wall
  • Closure with rubber seal
  • PET bottles without plasticizers
  • let the hot contents cool down
  • Dry the outside of the bottle

The perfect plastic bottle

Despite its various positive properties, many people have concerns when it comes to plastic bottle freezing. Then you can use a boil-proof and sterilizable bottle. Such bottles are available in specialist shops for baby supplies. You can freeze these without the risk of breaking the containers.

Influence of carbonic acid

Carbon dioxide has an influence on the volume when freezing. Finally, the carbonic acid escapes during freezing, so a larger reserve is preferable. Better to leave a lot more space in the bottle here to minimize the risk.