How is the Prada Amber perfume made

Prada men's fragrances

Prada stands for luxury, that is well known. The exclusive products express success and lifestyle. But can a company that actually grew up designing fine handbags for women understand men at all and offer them what they need to skillfully underline their appearance? The noble, successful men's fragrances call out a clear, loud “yes”! Perfume has not been manufactured by the brand for very long. Prada, which was launched by the Prada brothers in 1913 and originally sold leather goods, handbags and suitcases, did not include the first water in the range until 2004. It was a women's fragrance that emerged from a collaboration with the PUIG Group from Spain and made a significant contribution to establishing Prada on the highly competitive perfume market in just a short time. Only a little later, in 2006, the first fragrance for men was launched. Since then, the brand has been supplying its discerning customers with numerous fine waters and regularly launching new products.


Perfume from Prada

What women really want, they often do not know themselves. And if you ask, the answers rarely match reality. A man should be sensitive, but still strong and ideally still set the tone without being patronizing. In any case, there is one thing the ladies agree on: it has to smell good! Ideally, the man of the world does not leave this important task to the commonplace perfume, which often smells cheap and is worn by too many to express individuality. The noble men's waters from Prada are just the thing! They are versatile, suit every type and effectively bring out the male virtues.

The Luna Rossa Eau de Toilette Spray Sport is still relatively new and therefore goes particularly well with the zeitgeist. In the past, if you forgave a kilogram or two too much and sometimes even took it as evidence of an interesting character, today the perfect physique and the associated exercises have become a must for everyone. After all, this stands for a conscientious, hardworking character, which is also needed today to be successful. Anyone who would like to underline their hardened, defined muscles with the right perfume is well advised with the Luna Rossa Sport. The arrangement is dominated by tart citrus, ginger and juniper. The subtle lavender provides a wickedly seductive touch. The perfume makes use of traditional motifs and suggests a gripping, masculine man.

The Luna Rossa is also available in other versions. In the standard version, the men's fragrance exudes liveliness and youth without denying its noble origins. In addition to lavender and citrus, cheeky ingredients such as peppermint, sage and amber are used, which give the composition a masculine touch.


Body care from Prada

You don't have to do without Prada when shaving either. The Luna Rossa is also available as an after shave. Such a device should always serve two purposes and both disinfect and smell good, both of which are achieved with flying colors. In addition, the Luna Rossa is particularly gentle on the skin, soothes redness and provides moisture. It also gives off a lively, fresh scent.

Especially when it comes to shower gel, you shouldn't skimp on quality. After all, it is his job to cleanse the body, and if it is not done enough, one is quickly considered unhygienic. This cannot happen with the Amber Pour Homme Shower Gel. It has first-class cleaning properties and goes perfectly with the appearance of a true gentleman who knows what he wants and has already achieved some of it. It also gives the skin a film of moisture and protects it from drying out.

A deodorant is needed so that the body stays clean for a long time even after showering and the sweat does not make it a burden for the environment. However, many manufacturers offer defective products that only work for a short time and only mask the smell without really addressing the problem. The Luna Rossa deodorant is different. It is long-lasting at 24 hours, protects against perspiration and smells sensual.