How do you make your city better

In the municipality ...

... you are actively involved in the mobility discussion and decision-making in politics, administration and citizenship.

... you can make a decisive contribution to the future of the city and mobility - together with colleagues from the urban planning, green spaces, environment, climate, economy, sport and health departments.

... you have a direct influence on the face of cities and communities as well as the quality of life, the environment and mobility of all residents.

... you commission external planning offices to implement your ideas and concepts.

... you bring your power, your imagination and your creative will to all planning questions.

... you make your city a better place!

Also ...

... you work in a professional field which thematically offers countless opportunities for influence.

... you can make a career with innovative ideas and further develop your skills through a wide range of training opportunities.

... last but not least, you have a secure job with adequate pay and above-average social benefits in terms of pension, vacation and flexibility in the organization of working hours.

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