Why is there Kundalini energy

Kundalini energy - what are the symptoms of the awakening of your life force?

Have you ever noticed recently that waves of energy are flowing through you that are difficult to classify? It may be because your Kundalini energy is awakening.

As your Kundalini energy rises, you are very likely to experience emotional roller coasters, high sensitivity, and physical symptoms that are often unexplainable.

Today I would like to share with you how you can recognize whether your Kundalini energy is awakening and what you can do to stay inwardly balanced and to use this new power sensibly.

Kundalini energy - what is it?

Kundalini is a Sanskrit term that describes the life energy of a person. Kundalini energy is described as sleeping like a coiled serpent at the bottom of the spine until it is awakened. Then the energy slowly rises up the spine, activates our energy centers and unfolds our full potential.

In many Eastern traditions, certain forms of nutrition, meditation or movement exercises (e.g. yoga) were specifically attempted to awaken this energy. Here is an excerpt from Wikipedia about the symptoms through which the Kundalini process can be felt:

“As a concomitant phenomenon of the ascending Kundalini, physical effects are described which are supposed to be caused by the violent flow of energy. They include hot flashes, i. H. a feeling of warmth, spasms of cold, convulsions (involuntary shaking, tremors, sudden nodding movements of the head), chronic and temporary pain in the whole body that is difficult to diagnose, stinging (like a bite) in the big toe and all over the body, numbness of the hands and feet up to the whole body, fluctuations in the sex drive, sudden noises and outbursts of emotion (laughing, crying), ecstatic bliss, inner images and visions. " Source: Wikipedia

The natural process of awakening

It is quite funny to imagine that spiritual people have tried with great effort for a long time to awaken Kundalini energy, because today we live in a time when this energy is awakened and activated by itself.

The participants of the oasis rather ask me how one can calm down the violent waves of one's own energy 😉 Anyone who is in the middle of his awakening rarely has the need to get even more life energy going. It's violent enough - all by itself!

More and more people are experiencing the effects of the rising Kundalini energy - often without knowing what is going on within them and how one can master this change.

The ups and downs of Kundalini energy

While our life force sleeps like a coiled snake, we get used to walking through life with very little energy. We perceive less, have less need to express ourselves and can adapt more easily.

When the Kundalini energy awakens within you, you may feel like you are going through a second puberty. Your mood fluctuates and you are prone to emotional outbursts.

Kundalini energy does not increase linearly, but in waves. There are phases when you have too much energy and feel charged, jittery inside and unbalanced - then there are phases in which you have far too little energy and could lie around exhausted all day.

The problem with increased Kundalini energy

Anyone who is in the middle of the awakening of their own Kundalini energy quickly realizes that more life energy does not necessarily mean more joy in life immediately. Our deeper problems do not go away, but intensify or are brought to light when more life energy flows.

As an example, imagine what happens when someone who has deep-seated fears about their money suddenly gets more money. Does this mean that the deep-seated fear disappears? No, it is now taking place on a much larger scale. Instead of worrying about hundreds of euros, one worries about hundreds of thousands.

The more energy there is, the more even the smallest discrepancies come to light that are still inside us. Similar to an increasingly bright light, the Kundalini energy shines deeper and deeper into the dark corners and shows us what is still hidden there.

Perhaps you have noticed in the last few years that intermittent problems have emerged that have always been there, but are you only now noticing them? Every time a wave of Kundalini energy flows through you, a wave of repressed uncertainties is also swept up.

Are you saying yes to your Kundalini energy?

At the latest when your Kundalini energy wakes up, you will notice whether you are saying yes to your life force on the deepest level or not. This yes is not about a superficial thought, but about the deepest, inner attitude towards your life.

Not all of the experiences you've had have been pleasant. Not all experiences have left you with a deep, relaxed yes. Surely you have had experiences that were so painful that an inner no was left behind.

The no that we carry within us is a no to our life force.

This no can sit in our muscles, as internal tension or hardness, in our emotions that we have previously suppressed or as a survival mechanism (fight, flight, freeze). It can also be that you have adopted a negative attitude towards your natural life force from your family, which also has something to do with sexuality and condemns it as "dirty", "instinctual" or "low".

The more Kundalini energy begins to flow, the more violently every no to your life force will show itself. Every no stands in the way of life. Every no prevents your energy from flowing freely.

The no to our life force may turn into a yes.

Enjoy the Kundalini energy

If we are unable to let our life energy flow because of the inner no, we suffer every time the Kundalini energy rises. We do not suffer because the energy itself is harmful - after all, it is pure life force - but we suffer because we are unable to let it flow and this leads to energetic congestion.

In order for you to enjoy your Kundalini energy, it is important to relax and open up internally. It is important to have an inner posture in which your energy can flow. I like to use soft breathing for this, because it brings my body into an ever deeper yes on the deepest levels.

It is important that you do not try violently to stimulate your Kundalini energy if you already have Kundalini symptoms. Because that would only make your symptoms worse. If you are already in the middle of your awakening, your Kundalini energy rises by itself, in harmony with your inner development.

Everything is healing that helps you to recognize where you are still saying no inwardly, where you have contracted cramped and where your energy is slowing down. Everything that helps you to let go and to meet your no lovingly so that it can melt is now healing.

Here are a few things that can help:

  • Soft breathing
  • Healthy body work
  • Soft movements
  • Walk in nature
  • Times of rest and solitude
  • Lying on the earth
  • To be in the water
  • Drink more water

Avoid Kundalini slip-ups

While you are experiencing your inner awakening and noticing again and again that your Kundalini energy is rising, it is especially challenging to stay in your center. Similar to a boat in rough seas - the waves of your Kundalini energy can also throw you into imbalance if you are not vigilant.

Here are typical examples of Kundalini slip-ups:

Letting go of mental control

A wave of Kundalini energy rushes through you and it is difficult for you to have a clear thought. You try hard to think clearly again and put yourself under pressure in the process. You panic more and more and think that something bad is happening to you.

The loving solution: Accept that your body and your consciousness do not function as they usually do during an ascending Kundalini wave. Carefully care for yourself and try to let yourself be relaxed about the change. Use healing techniques to help you get back into your body. Trust that your body and your consciousness will soon level off again and rather do simple things.

Integrate the awakening of your sexuality

You experience a wave of Kundalini energy that stimulates your sexuality and fear that you cannot live your newly awakening sexuality within your partnership and you split up hastily - or start an affair because you do not dare to share this new passion with your partner to share.

The loving solution: Talk to your partner about what you are experiencing and begin to perceive this new power first. Breathe softly and experience how this power begins to flow on its own. Experience that this energy wants to spread not only in your sexuality, but as deep well-being in your entire life. Trust that this new force will find a harmonious path and will express itself in a way that will enliven your relationship.

Classify images and visions correctly

Sometimes the rising Kundalini energy brings with it an inner vision that touches you deeply, e.g. an idea for your professional development or a new partnership or a new home etc. It can happen that you hold on to the picture and now try with great effort to realize this inner vision in one fell swoop. It can lead to you becoming grim and dissatisfied because you cannot reconcile your life with this image, no matter how hard you try.

The loving solution: Inner images are valuable impulses for your soul. But inner images come from another world and speak their own language to us. When an inner image emerges, breathe softly and begin to feel the quality that is conveyed through this inner image. The picture of a castle doesn't always tell you that you should live in a castle - sometimes it also gives you a new royal inner attitude that you can adopt. Breathe with your inner images, allow them to change and remember that on the everyday, human level, every tree, no matter how large, starts with the sowing of a tiny seed.

When you are in a Kundalini wave, you should be as calm as possible and, if somehow possible, not make any major life decisions. Pay attention to relaxation, trust and give yourself space to land in a new equilibrium.

The rising Kundalini energy wants to make your life more lively and fulfilling, but that is only possible if we learn not to let ourselves be thrown away by the waves, but to surf on them.

Kundalini FLOW

There is nothing like being one with the flow of your life. To feel how life carries you and how you unfold more and more.

The loving Kundalini power flows through you so that you can develop. You are allowed to blossom and what is hidden within you can fully come to the fore.

Each wave of your energy is an invitation and a declaration of love to you:

You are wanted, you are valuable and life wants you.

Breathe softly and let yourself into the dance of your life, with every wave, every breath, more and more ...

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