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10 weebly websites that will blow your mind

When it comes to website builders, Weebly is hands down one of the best to start with. The platform supports more than 40 million websites and you can't go wrong with that.

Whether you want to build a website Weebly's drag-and-drop system allows you to build a comprehensive website to make a great looking website.

Here's a quick rundown of what you can get.

In this article, we're going to introduce you to the best Weebly websites that provide inspiration and motivation for you to create your own.

Don't just take our word for it, check out these 10 Weebly websites that are superbly designed with the platform's themes and editor.

Weebly Websites: Examples of Ecommerce Websites

1. The Box Bros.

It is definitely possible to build a really nice ecommerce site with Weebly, and The Box Bros is one such example. Their homepage uses a simple layout, but it fills it with beautiful photos of their products and a video at the top of the page.

The navigation bar is at the top so that visitors can easily access their online store or get more information.

2. Indy plush

Indy Plush uses a grid template to showcase their nicely designed plush toys. Visitors can access all of the product categories on the home page, while the featured products are listed below in grid style. Indy Plush avoided using complicated designs so that users could see the products right away.

Weebly's drag-and-drop system makes it easy to recreate the design of Indy Plush. This shows how intuitive the platform is.

Weebly websites: Examples of travel sites

3. Casto vacation

Casto Vacations is an award-winning luxury travel agency. Much like The Box Bros, they used Weebly's easy-to-use platform to create a stunning travel site. Visitors are presented with a breathtaking video that contains a compilation of all the travel destinations offered by the travel company.

Keep scrolling down and check out the services, blog posts, and more arranged in a beautiful grid-style template.

4. C MY cities

C MY Cities gives travelers a local touch to their vacation, offering personalized tour guides with locals who are familiar with the specifics of the country. The site itself uses a clean design with all the information available on the home page.

Visitors can scroll down to see their services, the countries they are available in, and even the tour guides themselves. It's a simple and professional looking website made with Weebly's web design tools

Weebly Websites: Examples of design and creative agency websites

5. Plug and Play

Creative agencies who know how to use Weebly's powerful template can result in stunning creations. UK-based web design agency Plug & Play definitely used their keen eye for design to create a page that visitors would love.

Her main page highlights her portfolio for a number of her clients. They even had a “Let's Talk Below” section for potential customers to reach out to.

6. Page eighty-four

Page Eightyfour is a female creative agency, led by Jag Nagra, who uses Weebly's slideshow template to showcase her portfolio and edgy sense of art. The result is a really beautiful page that is both unique and eye-catching.

The site takes advantage of several design elements such as the parallax scrolling effect and animated grids. It shows that when you combine great art direction with Weebly's templates, the result can be really amazing.

Weebly Websites: Examples of food and restaurant websites

7. Keke's breakfast café

Load up Keke's Breakfast Cafe and you will be pampered with a picture of their delicious offerings. Use their breakfast goodies (pancakes, cakes, waffles, etc) (as the background puts the focus on their specialty.

The social media buttons are at the bottom so you can easily check out the delicious menu and follow them on the social media pages.

8. Our table

A great logo, excellent domain name, and beautiful high resolution images will make your website look absolutely polished and professional. Our spreadsheet checked all of the boxes when they created their website. The result is a great website that connects farmers and producers with communities who want fresh and delicious produce.

The old-fashioned flat design gives the website a playful feel while still being serious and attractive to visitors.

Weebly Websites: Examples of blog websites

9. Saddle and suede

A blog site doesn't have to be very complicated and difficult to create. The saddle and suede show that Weebly allows you to create a polished blog that is easy to navigate and stunning to look at. Family couple Jonathan and Rachel started the blog as a place to share about the things they are passionate about.

10. Project cars

Project Cars started out as a simple blog run by London-based Mad Studios, posting updates on the racing game. When the game became a success, they completely redesigned the blog using Weebly's tools to create a sleeker and visually stunning blog where fans can check for updates or buy the game themselves.

The blog shows that you can start with a simple and "barebones" blog and later develop it into something much more polished.


Designing a website or blog from scratch can be a daunting experience. It doesn't have to be at Weebly! Weebly lets you take the tough part of web design out of the equation and focus on your business.

If you're looking for alternatives, here are some of the best website builders that could suit you.

However, based on the Weebly websites listed above, you can be up and running a stunning looking website in no time!

Want to see more examples of websites based on specific website builders? You can check out our examples of Wix websites post.

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