Is Batshuayi as good as Drogba

Portrait and style of play by Michy Batshuayi: Batsman brings back memories

A center forward who likes to celebrate goals with somersaults, shows himself in Batman costume and has already revealed disciplinary deficiencies in the course of his career: If the 24-year-old Belgian Michy Batshuayi switched from Chelsea to Borussia Dortmund, he would wake up memories.

"Call me Batsman," wrote Michy Batshuayi on Twitter at the end of September, illustrated the nickname request with a suitable photo montage of himself in a Batman costume and added: "When the game needs a winning goal in the 94th minute." In Chelsea's Champions League game at Atletico Madrid, he was substituted on when the score was 1-1 in the 82nd minute. And then scored to win in stoppage time.

It was an episode that sums up Batshuayi's time at Chelsea well. Since his move in 2016, he has been one thing above all: an accurate substitute striker. Last season behind Diego Costa, this one behind Alvaro Morata. Despite short periods of play, Batshuayi scored a considerable number of goals for Chelsea. He was used in 53 games across all competitions and scored 19 times. On average every 93 minutes of play.

Batshuayi's gateway to Chelsea's Premier League title

The majority of these goals he scored in national cup games against clubs such as Nottingham Forest or the Bristol Rovers. Then when the regular players have been spared. And when it became important again, Batshuayi mostly just sat on the bench again and was only substituted on in dire need.

For example, on the third to last matchday of last season at West Bromwich Albion. Chelsea needed a win to make the championship perfect. Batshuayi came on in the 76th minute - and scored six minutes later to make it 1-0. In addition to the goal in Madrid, it was the highlight of his time at Chelsea.

"This goal gave me a boost," Batshuayi said later. A surge that he wished never would put him in a similar situation again. At the next important game, Batshuayi didn't want to come off the bench. He wanted to be in the starting XI. He was asked in the summer whether he would take part in another season as a substitute striker. "No, no," said Batshuayi and again: "No." Said it and was disappointed because nothing changed in his role.

In the second attempt at Borussia Dortmund?

Therefore, despite a contract until 2021, he is apparently looking for a way out that will in all likelihood lead him to Borussia Dortmund on loan. In the second attempt. Before the commitments of Ciro Immobile and Adrian Ramos in 2014, the 20-year-old Batshuayi was also traded as a potential successor to the emigrated Robert Lewandowski.

Batshuayi was just finishing his first season as a regular at Standard Liège and impressed with 21 league goals. Despite his youth, Liège was the second top Belgian club he played for. The RSC Anderlecht had previously kicked him out of the youth department because of indiscipline. "You were right," said Batshuayi. "Because I wasn't an angel back then, to put it kindly."

Batshuayi grew up in the neighboring district of Brussels' infamous Molenbeek district, and learned to play football in the park. Where the stronger prevails. Batshuayi had problems submitting to authorities. Like Anderlecht, he later had to leave the Belgian U21 national team involuntarily. After violating the code of conduct, he was kicked out together with a colleague from Liège in 2013, but was later pardoned again. He now plays for the senior national team and also took part in the 2016 European Championship.

His letters of recommendation for the tournament nomination were two strong seasons at Olympique Marseille. After the failed move to Dortmund, Batshuayi left Belgium for Marseille, where his name first became known to the broader football public: Mi-shee Bat-sh-wah-yee. "None of the 15 best clubs in the world are not interested in him," said Marseille President Vincent Labrune.

Batshuayi's style of play at Chelsea

For around 39 million euros, Batshuayi finally moved to Chelsea - as the first commitment of the then new coach Antonio Conte. "He has great technical potential, is both feet and very fast," said Conte at Batshuayi's performance. The English trade magazine FourFourTwo praised "his fatal conclusion, his excellent ball handling and physical strength" and compared him to Didier Drogba.

Batshuayi prefers to lurk at the height of the opposing central defenders for passes, which distinguishes him from his old rival Diego Costa and new Morata. Sometimes they let themselves fall into midfield and thus participate more in ball circulation. As a result, the other agile offensive players Eden Hazard, Willian and Pedro benefit at Chelsea, who can occasionally push into the center of the attack themselves.

"With Batshuayi's style of play, however, their pace is wasted," said the tactics expert from a few months ago SkySports, Danny Higginbotham. The 1.85 meter tall Batshuayi mostly blocks the position in the middle. It blocks the position, but guarantees hits. He scored 100 times in 253 competitive games for all of his professional clubs. After some goals he does somersaults, with the very important ones he becomes a batsman. Seen everything before in Dortmund.