What are the best mobile scanners

Scanner app: The 3 best free document scanners in the test

With a scanner app, you can digitize photos and documents with your smartphone. We tested the three best free document scanner apps for Android and iOS.

Documents and photos can now be easily scanned with a smartphone. Simply photograph the required receipts, whiteboards or business cards with a scanner app and you have the desired document as a file on your mobile phone. We'll tell you the three best free document scanners for Android and iOS.

1. TapScanner - The modern

TapScanner is a straightforward scanner app that turns your files into PDF documents. If you open the application, you will get to a clear menu. To start the scanning process, you have to click on the camera symbol and place your document in the middle. A grid is available to help you. You can also choose whether you want to take photos with flash and whether it is a singleDocument or a stack acts. Then you have to trim your picture on your own.

In the next step, the application offers various filters with which you can further edit your file if you wish. The contrast and brightness can also be adjusted here. In addition, there is an OCR function on board, which automatically recognizes texts. You can save the finished document as a PDF or image file after editing. The great variety of functions of the scanner app convinced us very much, but it is only available for a few test scans. In order to benefit from it in the long term, you need a paid premium version of TapScanner to buy. Also annoying is the advertising, which opens from time to time and slows down the scanning process a little.

  • Modern design
  • Easy handling
  • Numerous editing options
  • No automatic cutting to size
  • advertising
  • Full scope only in Pro version

This way to your new scanner app:

2. Scanbot - The uncomplicated one

Scanbot is a very easy to use scanner app with which you can scan documents, receipts and whiteboards as well as QR or barcodes. To do this, you simply have to hold your smartphone or tablet over the desired document and the application will start working. Your picture is scanned in very quickly and automatically cut out by the app. Alternatively, you can crop, rotate and optimize the image with filters during the subsequent processing. In the next step you choose whether you want to save the document as a PDF or JPEG file.

You can send your scan directly via fax or email, print it out or add it to a cloud service such as Dropbox or Google Drive. The document can also be edited: For example, you can highlight text passages, add notes or sign the files. It is also practical that dealing with Scanbot also have QR or barcodes scanned. The only drawback is that you can only use the full range of functions in the paid premium version. There you have an unlimited contingent of scans as well as numerous other features at your disposal.

  • Easy handling
  • QR and barcodes
  • Connection to cloud services
  • All functions only in the Pro version
  • advertising

This way to your new scanner app:

3. Adobe Scan - The clear one

With the free application Adobe Scan your smartphone becomes a mobile scanner. If you open the scanner app, you first have to log in with a Google or Facebook account and off you go: the camera starts scanning the desired object straight away. To do this, you can specify in the menu bar below the image whether it is a document, a form, a business card or a whiteboard. In addition, you can set whether the app should automatically scan your objects or not.

Once the scan has been created, you can edit it directly. For example, you can adjust the limit, rotate the file or apply a filter. It is then saved as a PDF file. You can find all of your scanned images in the menu under Scans, where you can release the documents via link or email or save them to the Adobe Acrobat Reader can integrate. This is an Adobe app that you can use to edit and sign all documents.

  • Easy handling
  • Filter between different files
  • Link with Adobe Acrobat Reader
  • Can only be used with registration

This way to your new scanner app:

4. Conclusion - our test result

Every scanner app described here offers you an uncomplicated way of scanning your desired file using a smartphone or tablet. If you only have one or two objects that you want to scan, we recommend you TapScanner. The application provides numerous editing options, but only has a limited free contingent. It is similar with the app Scanbotwhich, however, has more features in its free version. Adobe Scan again, we were particularly impressed by its clarity. It is also completely free of charge and you can edit all PDFs in a variety of ways thanks to the link with Adobe Acrobat Reader.