Who made the first missile in India

Indian rocket on the way to the moon

In the second attempt, India sent a probe into space to land on the moon. The unmanned probe "Chandrayaan-2", whose name means "moon vehicle" in Sanskrit, was launched with a rocket from Sriharikota in southern India. This was announced by the space agency Isro. If the mission succeeds, India would be the fourth country to make a soft moon landing after the US, the former Soviet Union and China. "Chandrayaan-2" is to hit the hardly explored south pole of the moon in September. There, the lunar surface is to be examined for its composition and water as part of the $ 142 million (around 126 million euros) mission.

The first attempt to start had failed

A week ago, the launch of the unmanned rocket was canceled just under an hour earlier due to a technical problem. The media reported, citing representatives of the Isro space agency, that there had been a leak in a helium tank. Before the second attempt, however, Isro boss K. Sivan was convinced that the mission would succeed this time. He told The Hindu newspaper that there was "no chance of any technical error that might occur now."

The moon landing mission is an important prestige project for India. Thousands of people gathered in Sriharikota for the rocket launch, including not only students but also head of state Ram Nath Kovind and other dignitaries.

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