Why don't you have long-term goals

6 goals that have nothing to do with the job, but still make you more successful

What are your goals in your life? For most people, the focus is on professional dreams and perhaps family and home. Perhaps you are also planning a trip around the world or saving up for a financial goal. What many are not aware of: All of your life goals are directly related. We have therefore listed six goals for you, which at first glance have nothing to do with the job, but at second glance will still make you more successful in the long term. Which are they?

1. Goal # 1: Build social relationships
2. Goal # 2: Maintain Health
3. Goal # 3: Keep a journal
4. Goal # 4: Live a minimalist way
5. Goal # 5: Enjoy life
6. Goal # 6: Go on a journey

Goal # 1: Build social relationships

Despite the hectic everyday work and leisure stress, you should always put your social relationships at the top of your list of priorities. After all, you never know when the next stroke of fate is lurking around the corner and then it is usually your friends and family who will support you and help you get back on your feet - not your job and not your bank account either. In addition, loneliness is probably the worst feeling for everyone. After all, we are social beings and not a Porsche, no villa and no professional success will ever make you as happy as social relationships. On the contrary, loneliness can even make you sick and thereby take the latter away from you.

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In fact, the 75-year-long “Glueck and Grant Study” at Harvard University found that nothing is as crucial to a person's happiness in life as their social relationships. This is primarily about quality rather than quantity. So you don't have to send hundreds of messages to all of your Facebook acquaintances every day. You will be much happier if you maintain relationships with your family and two, three, or even five close friends. The deeper your social relationship, the happier you will feel. Even health problems or a job loss suddenly become a minor matter. Money alone doesn't make you happy. Neither did professional success.

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Still, your career will take off as you take more care of your social relationships. It's not even about professional contacts or a helpful network. Social relationships of a private nature simply make you happier, and therefore also healthier, more self-confident, more productive, more personable and more successful.

Goal # 2: Maintain Health

Speaking of health: Social relationships or happiness and satisfaction may have a major influence on your mental and physical health, but of course they are by no means the only decisive factor. Adequate exercise, little stress, a healthy diet and refraining from smoking or other addictive substances are also important pieces of the puzzle for your long-term health. You can now find support for your "healthy lifestyle" through numerous guides, forums, magazines and apps.

What does all of this have to do with professional success? At first glance, nothing. Also, you should take care of your health not just with a view to a steep career, but primarily out of love for yourself. Nevertheless, better health also means more resistance to stress and performance. And at second glance, these promote your professional success.

Goal # 3: Keep a journal

Did you keep a diary when you were a child or adolescent? You should at least plan for the future (again). Just one, two or three sets a day can be completely sufficient. You don't have to write novels. Instead, focus on your positive experiences, your dreams, goals or even helpful lessons of the day. Motivate yourself on good days to get out of bed more easily on bad days. And learn from bad days to appreciate the positive more on good days.

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A diary helps you to be more mindful, self-reflective, motivated and determined. By dealing with yourself every day, even if only briefly, with how you are doing, what you want, what is good for you and what is not - you grow as a personality and also pursue your career goals more consciously as well with more stamina.

Goal # 4: Live a minimalist way

Minimalism is always a good goal. Especially if you are aiming for a big career or a big bank account. Because a minimalist lifestyle grounds and directs your focus on the really important things in life - for example social relationships. In addition, it is ultimately not your income that makes you really rich, but your expenses that you save.

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Even millionaires or billionaires manage to knock their seemingly infinite fortune on the head and end up in poverty. In addition, having a lot of property also causes a lot of worry. If three cars have to be washed instead of one, the neighbor owns a larger yacht and you are competing with him or you are afraid that the cleaning lady might steal the unnecessarily expensive jewelry, you are putting yourself under unnecessary stress. So minimalism helps you relax, focus on the really important things in life, and reduce stress. Break out of the consumption spiral and you will automatically become more successful in your job thanks to your more relaxed attitude - and you will then also appreciate this success more.

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Goal # 5: Enjoy life

A good resolution is always to enjoy life to the fullest. Your precious time on earth is actually too short for overtime, worry and stress. It's the keyword "serenity" again. Try to be less dogged at work and in private matters. Life cannot be planned anyway, it always turns out differently than you thought. In addition, it can be over every day. Just because. Without warning.

So practice living more in the moment and taking full advantage of it. It is better to relax every now and then after work instead of being the last to be in the office. This promotes your health, productivity, satisfaction and thus, as already described, your professional success. First and foremost, however, it prevents you from regretting on your deathbed that you only used your life to work.

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Goal # 6: Go on a trip

How about a trip instead? Whether it's a weekend trip, annual vacation or sabbatical: Use every opportunity to discover new countries and cultures. Spend an unforgettable time with friends and family or go backpacking alone.

"A clever person finds the best education while traveling."
(Johann Wolfgang von Goethe)

Traveling is good for your personal development, your cultural understanding and your foreign language skills. And how important international experience and foreign languages ​​are in today's job is an open secret.

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Above all, however, your travel experiences and the people you have met will stay in your memory for a long time. It might even result in new friendships for life. This closes the circle with the first goal: cultivating social relationships. So why don't you just visit friends and family in another city?

What other goals do you pursue in life that have nothing to do with your job? To what extent do they still have an indirect impact on your career? Thank you for your comments!

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