Can dogs eat hello chew

Dog doesn't chew while eating, do you know tricks how I can teach him?

The teeth of a dog are not suitable for chewing, Vienna for us humans. Dogs are devourers.

“It starts with the teeth, which are pointed and optimized for cracking. The dog does not have grinding surfaces that could grind grains or vegetables. His jaw cannot perform a typical grinding movement either. The dog's teeth are made to tear off larger chunks of meat and to swallow them largely whole. The stomach is a large cavity with glands that secrete fluid. There are no fermentation chambers in the small and large intestines such as herbivores (herbivores) and omnivores. The appendix is ​​only very small and the large and small intestines are also relatively short. This indicates a carnivore or at least a predominantly carnal diet. Because the more plant components an animal eats, the longer the digestive tract has to be so that they can be digested. "

Source: vital dog.

Dentasticks is not ideal for dental care, a wannabe product with which dental care is often advertised.

A stick like this is usually bitten through or swallowed in a few seconds, that's it. In order to be able to guarantee ideal dental care, the dog needs a chewing bone for at least 20-30 minutes which he can work on with preferences.

Buy beef scalp plates, he has to nibble them softly until he can break off pieces to loop them down. See photo.

*** Taking away is also not an option, because otherwise he will chew half the apartment. ****

Why not that? What does this mean? Chews of any kind should ALWAYS be given under supervision, otherwise there is always the danger of the dog getting injured or something stuck in the throat or something wedged in the jaw.

I would be extremely careful with your dog. Another possibility would be to hold on to the chewing items and that always so that the dog is not at all tempted to have to choke everything down in one piece.