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Gendry Baratheon

I guess you like to pick on smaller ones, don't you? I've been hammering an anvil for ten years. When I hit the steel, he sings. Do you sing too when I hit you?

Gendry Baratheon



lord Gendry Baratheon is a main character in the third, seventh, and eighth seasons of game of Thrones. Before that, he was a supporting character in the first and second seasons. He is portrayed by Joe Dempsie and appears for the first time in the episode "Cripples, Bastards and Broken".

Gendry was an unrecognized bastard of King Robert Baratheon. He is a talented blacksmith and former prisoner of the Lannisters in Harrenhal. He later joins the Brotherhood Without Banners. After his flight from Drachenstein to Königsmund, which was made possible for him by Davos Seewert, he follows Jon Schnee to the north at his request. There he takes part in a mission behind the wall. He was later legitimized and appointed Lord of Storm's Cape.

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Gendry is the illegitimate son of the late King Robert Baratheon. He only found out after the king's death that he was Robert's son. He spent his childhood in Königsmund, where he later also worked as an apprentice in Tobho Mott's armory. Gendry is later legitimized and appointed Lord of Storm's Cape and Supreme Lord of the Stormlands.

season 1

When Lord Eddard Stark investigates the mysterious death of the former hand of the king, Jon Arryn, he learns of Jon's search for Robert's bastards and thus comes across the smithy of Tobho Mott. Eddard also goes there and meets the blacksmith Mott and his apprentice Gendry. He admires a helmet in the shape of a bull's head that Gendry made and is instructed by him that the helmet is not for sale because Gendry made it for himself. Ned learns that Jon Arryn questioned Gendry about his origins and asks Gendry to repeat the same statements for him. Gendry tells of his mother, who died very early and that all he can remember is her yellow hair. Eddard then realizes that Gendry is King Robert's bastard. Still, he's unclear why Jon Arryn found him. Before Ned leaves the forge, he takes Tobho Mott aside and instructs him to send Gendry to him if he would rather swing a sword than forge.[1]

Gendry is one of the newest recruits Yoren has recruited for the Night's Watch. He meets Arya Stark when some boys are molesting her about her sword. When Hot Pie collides with him, he chases the boys away with the words: "If I hit the steel, he sings. Do you also sing when I hit you?" Gendry also notices that Arya's sword was made by the finest blacksmithing and believes she stole it. He tells her that his Master has gotten tired of him and that he wants to join the Night's Watch because of it.[2]

season 2

Gendry travels north on the Royal Route with Yoren and the other recruits of the Night's Watch. During the trip he befriends Arya, who pretends to be the orphan boy Arry. He is wanted by the City Guard of King's Landing, who have commissioned Queen Cersei Lannister to kill all of King Robert Baratheon's bastards. Gendry remains ignorant of his parentage.[3]

Yoren threatens two gold coats who are looking for Gendry, and they withdraw empty-handed. Gendry sees through Arya's disguise and realizes that she is a girl. Since she denies it, he asks her to pee in front of him. After Gendry has sworn her secrecy, Arya confides in him her true identity. He apologizes for his behavior and wants to call her "Milady" from now on. What Arya doesn't want and knocks him over for it.[4]

The gold coats return with Ser Amory Lorch and Lennister troops. They kill Yoren and capture Arya and Gendry. Arya can convince her that the recently killed Lommy Greenhand was Gendry, because he had the bull helmet made by Gendry with him. Even though Lommy was blonde, the soldiers believe it.

The prisoners are taken to Harrenhal, where they are brutally tortured by Gregor Clegane's men while Clit interrogates them. Gendry is chosen as the next victim, but saved by the arrival of Lord Tywin Lannister, who insists that the prisoners alive are of more use than dead and that it would be a waste to simply kill skilled artisans.[5]

Gendry is asked personally by Lord Tywin if he has learned anything, and after answering the question, he is assigned to work in the castle forge.[6]

When Lord Tywin leaves the castle to move with his troops to the Westlands, Arya, with Jaqen H'ghar's help, arranges the escape of Gendry, Hot Pie and himself from Harrenhal.[7]

On a country road, Arya, Gendry and Hot Pate meet Jaqen H'ghar for the last time, who then puts down his face and declares himself dead.[8]

season 3

Gendry, Arya, and Hot Pate are surprised in the street by some members of the Brotherhood without a banner. They take them with them without further ado, but are friendly to them. Gendry decides to join them as they have use for a good armourer. This annoys Arya, who does not want to lose Gendry and in turn offers him to come with her and become part of her family. Gendry replied with a smile: "But you would not be my family. You would be my lady."[9]

The Brotherhood sells Gendry to Melisandre, who needs royal blood to perform a ritual. She takes him to Drachenstein, where she tricks Gendry and takes some blood from him with the help of some leeches. He does not know that Gendry expects death in another ritual. However, Davos Seewert already knows this and tries to convince his King Stannis Baratheon that he must not kill a boy in order to get to the Iron Throne. But Stannis is not deterred.

One night Davos frees Gendry from his prison and takes him to the beach. He wins Gendry's trust, as both come from Flohloch - a poor district of King's Landing.

There is already a rowing boat on the beach in front of Drachenstein Castle. Davos explains to Gendry how to operate the boat and also that under no circumstances should he drink from the sea water. He also tells him where to go to be safe and how to get there. Then Gendry rows away.[10]

Season 7

Ser Davos smuggles Tyrion Lannister into King's Landing. Once there, he visits Gendry in his forge. He wants to convince Gendry to come with them. To Davos' amazement, Gendry is already ready and wants to go with him immediately, armed with a war hammer like the one his father once used in the war. When they get back to the boat, they are caught by two gold coats. Davos can bribe them, but they question what they have loaded. Davos presents them with fermented crabs and gives them a taste, which the golden coats are satisfied with. When Tyrion Lannister comes back to the boat, however, the two become suspicious because they are looking for such a dwarf with the same scar. Since they will not be bribed again, Gendry kills the two without further ado and very skillfully with his war hammer.

Back on Drachenstein, Davos explains to Gendry that he shouldn't reveal his true identity to Jon Schnee. However, when they meet Jon, Gendry immediately reveals everything, as their two fathers used to be good friends.

Gendry travels to Ostwacht with Jon Schnee, Ser Davos and Ser Jorah Mormont to help Tormund and the Wildlings against the Revenants and the White Walkers. Tormund tells of prisoners who picked them up. These are Sandor Clegane, Beric Dondarrion and Thoros von Myr. Gendry recognizes the two men of the brotherhood and says that these two sold him to the red witch. Beric says they would all fight on the same side, which Jon confirms. He releases the prisoners. Together with the other wildlings, they go north of the wall to find evidence of the existence of the White Walkers.[11]

Together they trudge through the snow and Thoros wants to know if Gendry is still angry with them. Gendry furiously accuses him of selling him to the red witch, even though he wanted to be one of them. He lists what Melisandre did to him and that she wanted to kill him. The bloodhound throws at him that he should stop whining and be happy to be alive. Thoros offers him some alcohol as an excuse.

A snow storm comes up and the view becomes blurred. You see a polar bear in the distance and Gendry wants to know if bears have blue eyes. The undead bear attacks and manages to kill several wildlings and seriously injure Thoros. A little later the group sets a trap for a group of revenants accompanied by a white walker and in the ensuing fight Gendry fends off an undead with his hammer. Jon manages to kill the Wanderer and all but one of the revenants crumble to dust. They manage to tie up the revenant, but a large horde of more undead approaches. Jon sends the protesting Gendry back to Ostwacht so that he can be the fastest to send a raven to Daenerys. Gendry storms off and leaves the others behind. He has to leave his hammer to Tormund. Completely exhausted and half frozen, he reaches Ostwacht and is found by Ser Davos. With the last of his strength, he tells him that they have to send a raven.[12]

Season 8

Together with other blacksmiths, he processes the dragon glass into weapons for the Stark army at Winterfell Castle. He forges an ax for Sandor Clegane and hands it over to him. Arya Stark, who is also in the castle, visits Gendry and welcomes him to his new accommodation. She asks him to make a two-part spear out of dragon glass.[13]

Arya visits Gendry in the forge to see how far he's got with her weapon. She tries to ask him about the undead. Gendry thinks the revenants are too big for Arya and recommends that she should barricade herself in the crypt. Arya responds by throwing three spearheads precisely into a wooden post. Gendry gets to work immediately, making a kind of fighting staff with two spearheads for Arya, similar to the one she used to train with in the House of Black and White.

On the eve of the battle between the living and the dead, Gendry brings Arya the finished weapon. She asks him what happened to Melisandre and learns that he is Robert Baratheon's bastard. Arya inquires about Gendry's experiences with women, and reluctantly admits that he has had sex with three women in his life. Arya, who has decided not to die a virgin, starts kissing Gendry and the two sleep together.[14]

In the battle, Gendry also fights the revenants with a weapon made of dragon glass.[15] After the Night King and his army are defeated, a victory ceremony takes place in the Hall of Winterfell, at which Daenerys asks Gendry if he is Robert Baratheon's son. He confirms this, but explains that he only found out about it after Robert's death. Daenerys then legitimizes Gendry, appoints him "Lord Gendry Baratheon" and grants him Storm Cape Castle, for which those present congratulate him and toast him.

Gendry leaves the party and looks for Arya, who is practicing archery in the yard. He tells her that he is no longer a bastard but a lord. Arya is clearly happy for him. Then Gendry kneels in front of Arya and confesses his love to her. He asks her if she would like to marry him and become his lady. Arya gives him a kiss and says he will surely become a good lord whom any woman can consider herself lucky. But she is not intended for life as a lady. Arya continues her bow training, leaving behind a sad Gendry.[16]

In the Dragon Pit, Tyrion Lannister is shown to the high lords and ladies of Westeros. Present on the council are Sansa Stark, Bran Stark, Arya Stark, Asha Graufreud, Ser Brienne von Tarth, Ser Davos Seewert, Lord Gendry Baratheon, Lord Yohn Rois, Lord Robin Arryn, Lord Edmure Tully, Lord Une, Samwell Tarly and the new prince from Dorne. Together they should decide the fate of Jon Schnee and Tyrion, as they are accused of murdering Daenerys Targaryen. However, a discussion raises the question of who should become the new King of the Seven Kingdoms. Instead, they decide that from now on kings will only be elected and no longer get into this position by inheritance. The council members elect Bran Stark as the new king of the six kingdoms.[17]


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