What is a tatami room


Tatami are mats made of rice straw that have been used as flooring in traditionally designed rooms in Japan since the Heian period (794-1185). They have a defined size of 180 x 90 cm, there are slight regional differences. Due to the proportion 2: 1, the mats can be laid out in patterns, for which there are again traditional rules. Tatami is both a square measure (about 1.65 m²) and a module for the size of rooms.

Tatami consist of an approximately 5 cm thick, firmly bound rice straw core, which is covered by a rush mat made of Igusa grass, fixed by fabric straps sewn on the side. They play an important role in the architecture of Japanese teahouses and rooms (chashitsu), which traditionally have a base area of ​​4.5 tatami mats.


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