Trump is the thickest president in history

"Mother of all bombs": what Donald Trump aims with his muscle play

For more than 13 years, the US armed forces have had the GBU-43 - the largest and heaviest bomb in US military history. All this time it was just a threat, a show of military strength that you only had to show your enemies to impress them. Donald Trump, US President for less than three months, has now exploded them.

The insulator, who with his “America First” policy actually wanted nothing to do with conflicts abroad, has become a general. Many Americans voted for him because, unlike Hillary Clinton, he promised the opposite of intervention politics. Staying out of international crises was one of his campaign credos, not sending US soldiers into expensive wars that ultimately do not bring anything. America had had enough of it.

Three months in office, the face of the Trump administration has changed completely. The anti-establishment candidate was shaped by circumstances, advisors, and sheer necessities. Influential advisors lost their relevance to Trump, including Stephen Bannon and Kellyanne Conway. Others rose. These include the new safety advisor H.R. McMaster and aggressive UN ambassador Nikki Haley.

Trump wants attention and a pat on the back

Whether disastrous polls play a role as a receipt for a completely failing domestic policy - it remains to be seen. His shift from being a mere job president to being the active commander-in-chief of the world's largest armed force is obvious, even if he himself says: "The military has full authorization."

He ordered air strikes in Yemen and used cruise missiles in Syria. In Afghanistan he first increased the number of air strikes, now he dropped the “mother of all bombs”. And thus achieved exactly what he wanted: attention from all over the world and a pat on the back at home. The steps aren't entirely new and aren't entirely out of the ordinary. The Pentagon under the experienced General James Mattis as Secretary of Defense is in part continuing what was already tacitly started under Barack Obama. But under Trump every military step comes with a bang as accompanying music.