Will CPAs be replaced by FinTech?

Digitization push with outperformance potential New fintech fund from start-up founder Jan Beckers

No question about it: the classic banking and payment system is changing rapidly. The main players and think tanks include young fintechs, often start-ups from the financial sector. Internet company plus financial technology? This mix fits perfectly into the business in which Jan Beckers is closely networked. With the start-up factory Finleap, Beckers has already helped numerous business ideas from the financial technology sector to market maturity.

With immediate effect, private investors can use the recently launched Global Fintech Leaders (ISIN: DE000A2QJLB6) to get the entrepreneur's know-how directly into the depot. "The BIT Global Fintech Leaders relies on innovative business models and technologies that can change the financial sector in the long term," Beckers BIT Capital GmbH explains when asked. “The focus is on companies that develop globally scalable products and use them to optimize established processes or improve access to financial products worldwide. These include in particular fast-growing companies in the financial sector with a market capitalization of between two and 100 billion euros, which have a long-term prospect of multiplying. "

The company sees the new fund as a logical further development of the previous product portfolio, which includes the previously very successful BIT Global Internet Leaders and the BIT Global Leaders fund launched afterwards. BIT Capital sees itself as ideally positioned for the financial technology business area: “The team around the founder and CIO, Jan Beckers, has the necessary experience and expertise. It consists of successful fintech entrepreneurs who have shaped and shaped the European ecosystem for years. Jan Beckers himself founded, initiated and built up fintechs such as Finleap, Solarisbank and Clark. ”In addition, fintech stocks were already disproportionately part of the BIT Capital portfolio and ensured extraordinary performance, according to the Berlin company. The aim of the new BIT Global Fintech Leaders is to bring innovative fintech companies that have already proven their marketability into the portfolio.

The fund bundles digitization winners from the financial sector

But: BIT Capital is not just about start-ups. With their funds, the Berliners also invest in established companies that focus on innovation. “The investment strategy of the BIT Global Leader in particular has a broad investment horizon. This includes innovative market leaders who successfully digitize themselves and thus win new technologies and growth areas for themselves. Innovations from the areas of artificial intelligence, big data or cybersecurity are examples that enable sustainable value creation, ”BIT Capital explains to FondsDISCOUNT.de. “In contrast, the portfolio of the BIT Global Fintech Leader has a stronger focus. This includes around 35 companies that offer innovative solutions in digital banking, brokerage, digital wallets, wealth management, online lending and payment. These companies improve the user experience, develop new target groups or reduce costs. Many of the business models are also scalable worldwide and thus enable exponential growth. "

The fact that Beckers and his team are taking advantage of the investment opportunities in the fintech market is not entirely new, however. BIT Capital had already relied on fintechs with its other fund products in the first quarter: “It paid off: four of the five top performers in the portfolio come from this sub-sector. One example is the Russian digital bank Tinkoff. The stocks have been in the portfolio for a long time. The best performance was achieved by the shares of the Chinese online broker Futu. Fintech stocks at BIT Capital ensured that in a quarter that actually didn't go so well for technology stocks, investors in all BIT Capital funds were able to look forward to a double-digit performance, ”emphasizes the company.

But what distinguishes a promising fintech, how can the wheat be separated from the chaff? “Successful fintech business models are globally scalable and offer opportunities for disproportionate profits. Some of these fintech winners will not only conquer market shares, but entire markets, ”is how BIT Capital outlines the approach. In other words: the technologies must have the potential to become established globally.

The digitization of financial transactions was fueled by Corona

In the opinion of Beckers and his team, the time to enter this market is now exactly right: “The financial sector is on the verge of major changes. The corona pandemic is a driver for the sector. In recent months, banks and consumers have recognized that financial transactions work very well digitally. Digital products and services also enable more sales with falling costs. This creates investment opportunities that can generate disproportionate returns. The fintech revolution has only just begun. Much more is going to happen. The market has not yet fully understood this. Fintech is therefore a sector with a lot of potential for outperformance. "

Note: The BITGlobal Fintech Leaders (ISIN: DE000A2QJLB6) will soon be tradable at FondsDISCOUNT.de with a full discount.