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Thank you for your answers

Have you ever been to an Alligatoah concert?

No, but shortly before I heard from him, he was playing in Saarbrücken, which is where I was at the time. I became a fan a little too late. I like his live videos on youtube. This is a great show!
But I'm not that much of a concert-goer either and I have to admit that I would feel pretty strange at a hip-hop concert. My last concert was actually Slipknot 2008 in Düsseldorf. Unfortunately I drank too much and next to me some people smoked a bag and so I passed out after the first few songs and woke up again with the paramedics. But Slipknot is definitely worth seeing. My first concert was Marilyn Manson in 2003 (when I was 12), but I can't listen to him anymore, although I still like him as a person. He's pretty intelligent and pretty personable.

What do you do in your free time?

I like to learn new things. I like to watch documentaries or surf the Internet. As I said, I am enthusiastic about intercultural cooperation, foreign languages, other cultures and personality tests. I am quite a loner and love to be at home alone. You ponder like that. I also enjoy listening to and analyzing music or writing. Sometimes PC is also played, although at the moment I am more likely to learn programming. It probably sounds totally boring, but I'm actually quite happy with it.

Where exactly do you live in NRW?

I wanted to avoid the question. Now I would like to write Bielefeld to win the Newcomer Prize Dingsda here.
But I'm more from Wuppertal.

Have you heard of Trailerpark and what do you think about it? :)

Yes, I heard that the fans drink piss, vomit and other things. I haven't heard of crackstreet boys yet. I also saw a few interviews on the subject again. But mainly because of Alligatoah. Sudden and Basti make a correct impression, but are quite different from Alligatoah.
It sounds like fun and nonsense, so definitely positive. I would probably watch it with amusement and if it gets too gross I withdraw. But I can't imagine standing with the fans. So going to a concert wouldn't be for me.

Are you creative in any other way? (Draw, paint, write, ect. Pp)

My big sister was always good at drawing, and by the way, she is also a media designer. Unfortunately, that always led to her laughing at me and my pictures, because I was never really good at them and then I mostly gave up drawing (although I would love to be able to do it). Music was no longer an option for me either, I just never felt comfortable with it (at least when singing) I could imagine piano again, but to be able to play really well, you have to practice every day and that's horror for me. So rather not. I limited myself to enjoying other people's music.

However, I always enjoyed writing and was very good at foreign languages. I have always been interested in foreign cultures and I am currently living out this dream. Unfortunately, my Erasmus program in Lithuania ended a few days ago. But I also like to go back to France. In school (8th grade) I particularly enjoyed writing satires (about climate change, etc.) or short stories, sometimes also poems. Or just creative writing, mostly I did that quite well, although I never learned the techniques behind it. So I already seem to have a talent for it. However, talent alone is not enough, you also have to practice and that's exactly where it hacks with me. So I wouldn't consider myself a very good writer.

However, especially in rap, I have noticed again how much I like using stylistic devices and can well imagine improving my skills in the future. However, I am not aiming for a specific goal. I can only imagine at some point writing reports about my experiences. Maybe a blog or something. Like Alligatoah, I make a lot of observations in everyday life that you somehow want to convey to your fellow human beings.

At the moment I don't have the feeling that I could do it competently, unfortunately I'm a perfectionist and if something is not perfect, I definitely don't want to publish it. I think Alligatoah has the better attitude to say that you can't go wrong with art. I always like it when he paints so carefree and I have decided to just paint again when it's fun, no matter how shitty it looks. Most of the time I don't enjoy it anymore.

I heard about the personality models in a seminar and was amazed how well you can categorize people with them. And that each category can do certain things better. I have already thought about myself and alligatoah with the same personality type. The only thing that surprises me a little is his reluctance to pay and that should be a core difference for you too, since you study computer science. Presumably some teacher made maths lousy for him. ^^ Nevertheless, I see him pretty "blue" in terms of color, even though he doesn't drink anything during performances; D, if that tells you something; D.

I'm actually not good at math either. I only just got through and went to a university of applied sciences. At the university the whole course consists more or less of math as I have heard and I would probably be sifted out in the first exams there. There is a reason why I combined computer science with foreign languages. I like logical thinking in computer science. But foreign languages ​​have always been a passion. But there are no good jobs for it. I detest business and commercial thinking, so business administration is out of the question (I had 4 years).

It's a cliché that INTPs are all math geniuses. There are a lot of artists among the INTPs, that's not exceptional at all. There are painters, of course many authors and the typical math geniuses. Alligatoah is actually the first successful musician. If he's an INTP at all. I thought sometimes that maybe he was an ISTP. But only he could decide for himself and I don't think he has time for it.

I don't know how much you know about MBTI / Socionics, maybe you have heard of the "cognitive functions" before. They are pretty important to be able to determine your own type. But that's not an issue that you can learn in 5 minutes. It took me almost 1 year to understand everything and to be able to classify myself correctly. It is easier for xxxJ, however, because they make decisions very quickly and do not reconsider afterwards, as the xxxPs do.

haha, the idea is a single crude cliché:

Computer scientist

... you already know all of that here. So you fit in here well.

I already noticed it, but I still wanted to register and lie and I didn't want to think of something more interesting "different" either. I have to go through that now. But it's actually nice to meet like-minded people. I also played computer games, by the way. Not like that anymore. Is it at least extraordinary that I am a girl? Probably not either.

Why don't you celebrate Kollegah? :O

So even if I don't know that much about rap technique so far, I naturally notice that he is an extremely good technician. He also seems to be a really great guy. I have to admit that I don't like his image that much. Too chubby, too bossy. But I have nothing against him either. I just enjoy humorous, self-deprecating and profound rap with philosophical topics more.

Another novel like that.
Don't forget the spelling checkers.