Stuttgart Germany has a good airport

Stuttgart Airport received a mega rating in this year's airport ranking by Vereinigung Cockpit e.V.

  • As every year, the Vereinigung Cockpit e.V. assessed the German airports.
  • 28 airports in Germany were scrutinized for the ranking.
  • Stuttgart Airport can again look forward to an above-average rating.

Airport ranking 2020: Another mega rating for Stuttgart Airport

Stuttgart - Stuttgart Airport * is one of the six largest airports in Germany. In 2019, a total of 12,721,441 people took off and landed here. As the number of passengers increases, so do they conditions to the existing terminals. That is why Flughafen Stuttgart GmbH (FSG) invests large sums of money every year in the safety of the flight operations areas. As reported by *, Stuttgart Airport has repeatedly implemented large and small construction projects * in the past. This includes renovations and new construction of terminals, office buildings like thatSkyLoop or the numerous parking garages and thatMövenpick Hotel Stuttgart Airport.

Another Major project completed. The eastern part of the3,345 meters long Stuttgart runway a new concrete ceiling. The work could even be ended prematurely. Because of the corona virus and the temporary closure of the airport, the renovation did not have to be divided into several construction phases as planned. Despite the swift approach to the renovation, air traffic had to be shut down several times. And, as is well known, this does not necessarily contribute to an airport's good reputation. Has Stuttgart Airport suffered a damage to its image?

Stuttgart AirportAirport of the Baden-Württemberg state capital Stuttgart
addressFlughafenstrasse 32, 70629 Stuttgart
Airport codeSTR
Terminals 4

The answer: Neither that Coronavirus still the extensive construction projects have the reputation and the Airport security harmed. On the contrary: the corona virus even helped to improve passenger safety at Stuttgart Airport. In order to be able to maintain the prescribed corona distance, for example when checking passengers before the flight, something has come up at Stuttgart airport. Now the distance is measured with a new system and 140 sensors to an accuracy of twenty centimeters *.

Stuttgart Airport: According to the pilot rating, "one of the safest airports in Germany"

Because at this year's Airport check of the Vereinigung Cockpit e.V., the Stuttgart Airport again received an above-average rating. With the note 1,7 reached the Baden-Württemberg state airport a place in the top group. Only Munich and Leipzig / Halle did even better - they received an overall grade of 1.6. From the perspective of the pilots' association, Stuttgart * is one of the safest airports in Germany. Frankfurt Airport, the largest airport in Germany, received a rating of 2.2 in the ranking.

Pilot rating: With a grade of 1.7, Stuttgart Airport is one of the safest German airports from @vcockpit's point of view. More information:

- Stuttgart Airport (@STR_Airport) September 10, 2020

Airport ranking 2020: Mannheim Airport brings up the rear

The Mannheim City Airport is at Airport ranking German pilots once again bring up the rear. With a grade of 3.6, it received by far the worst rating - as in previous checks of this type. The main reason for this is the unfavorable location of the Mannheim airport, which makes the approach more difficult, explained the board of the pilots' union Vereinigung Cockpit (VC), Janis Schmitt.

At the same time, pilots are generally satisfied with the operational safety at Germany's airports. "At this year's Airport check we can see a positive trend: At the same time there have been some important improvements and no serious deteriorations, ”said Schmitt.

Airport ranking 2020: A total of 28 airports in Germany were rated

The Association Cockpit e.V. has been evaluating the technical airport equipment relevant to flight safety since the 1970s. This year 28 airports in Germany were carefully examined - the largest in Germany Airport in Frankfurt to small regional airports in Weeze (North Rhine-Westphalia), Memmingen (Bavaria) and on the North Sea island of Sylt.

Among other things, the procedures for approach and departure were evaluated - even in poor weather conditions. In addition, the measures that airport operators take to prevent a collision between two planes. This could happen, for example, if an aircraft accidentally crosses a runway in use. * is part of the Ippen-Digital network.

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