Can I have one page resume templates

29 professional CV and application templates

How should the resume be designed?

As a rule, HR managers have very little time to deal with applications. For this reason, the relevant qualifications and work experience must be recognizable at first glance. Only in the next step of the application process is there a deep insight into the applicant's personality.

The curriculum vitae should therefore focus on information on professional experience, training and additional qualifications.

It's also important that your resume fits the industry you're targeting. For an application to a bank you should choose a simple template, but you can let your creativity run free with an advertising agency.

We have listed the most important points for you so that you can easily design your CV:

  • It is best to always start with your most recent training or work experience. In addition to the period of employment, you should also add the name and a brief explanation of your occupation.
  • Your résumé shouldn't be longer than two pages.
  • An application photo is no longer required in Germany, but it is always welcome.
  • Emphasis such as underlining or bold text should be used sparingly.
  • Choose a font that suits you and the industry you are applying for. In our editor you can choose between numerous serious fonts.
  • A signature gives your résumé a personal touch.

If you need more tips to fill out your CV templates perfectly, you can take a look at our guide. Here we have compiled numerous articles for you on the subject of resumes, cover letters and job interviews.