Hard work leads to hair loss

If the hair loss is accompanied by an inflamed scalp or even boils, then a homeopath could prescribe Aurum.

Acidum phosphoricum is suitable for hair loss that has occurred as a result of bereavement or severe (psychological) exhaustion, whereas Kalium phosphoricum has proven itself especially for hair loss due to mental overexertion (especially in students).

Arnica, on the other hand, is a remedy for hair loss that has occurred after an injury.

If hair loss occurs in connection with significant skin and nail disorders, then Silicea is the one to choose. If the hair loss appears for no apparent reason, then one takes Silicea alternating with Calcium fluoratum.

If exhaustive illnesses, medication, radiation therapy or other forms of poisoning are the trigger for hair loss, then the homeopath will probably choose Sulfur (for sensitive scalps with rashes), Thallium (for simultaneous emaciation and nerve pain), Arsenicum album (for itchy, flaky scalps) and an exhausted, but at the same time restless general condition) or Phosphorus (when the hair falls out in whole tufts).

Tip 5: stress management against hair loss

It is well known that stress as well as emotional stress and psychological problems have an enormous influence on the body. This usually shows up in indigestion or sleep disorders. But hair loss can also be a direct result of persistent stressful situations.

How exactly the stress causes the hair to fall out is not yet fully understood. It is believed that stress hormones such as B. the norepinephrine damage the hair follicle by causing inflammation there. The inflammation in turn ensures that the hair goes into the so-called resting phase earlier than planned. In the resting phase, however, hair only stays for two to three months, then it falls out.

So if you suffer from hair loss and at the same time lead a permanently stressful life, then stress reduction using special relaxation techniques would be highly recommended in order to come to rest again and thus give the hair the opportunity to recover and regrow.

The relaxation techniques include, for example, progressive muscle relaxation, meditation, autogenic training, yoga or certain breathing techniques.

They all help to maintain the necessary distance and prevent stress from manifesting itself in the body, weakening the immune system and causing illness or "only" hair loss.

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