Are THC foods potentially dangerous?

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And it gets really controversial with hemp flowers. In Berlin, the police say: Selling CBD flowers to consumers is illegal, even if they contain less than 0.2 percent THC. The Munich public prosecutor's office sees it similarly. Even so, you can still buy hemp flower from many CBD stores that disagree. To be on the safe side, you would have to get a doctor's prescription for CBD flowers. We explain the whole confusing legal situation in this text.

How do I take CBD oil?

Most manufacturers recommend dripping the oil under your tongue with a pipette and letting it soak in for two minutes. Then you can just swallow the rest (out of your mouth). To ensure that your body can absorb the CBD well, you should be sober and not have eaten shortly before.

How much CBD do I need to take for it to work?

This depends on your symptoms and their intensity, other medications you are taking, your body weight and your metabolism. Maya Marinic is a pharmacist in the Frankfurter Bock pharmacy, which has been dealing with medical cannabis for over five years. For some of her patients who suffer from anxiety disorders, it is enough to take five to ten drops of ten percent CBD oil twice a day, says Marinic. However, patients with rheumatism or cancer need a lot more. She recommends starting with drops and a low dose and then increasing it gradually. Because CBD oils are easy to dose, they are better suited for beginners. CBD weed is more difficult to dose, but if you have a prescription for it, you should simply seek advice from your health care professional.

Will a drug test be positive if I take CBD?

Drug tests only show positive results for THC. Because over-the-counter CBD products in Germany may contain a maximum of 0.2 percent THC, it is theoretically possible, but very unlikely.

Where not? In larger German cities you can get CBD products in special hemp shops, most of which also have an online shop. But some pharmacies and dm drugstores also carry CBD products.

If people falsely claim that CBD is a drug, your mantra-based answer must be, no, CBD is not psychoactive. It doesn't make you high, bulky, or mushy in the pear. Instead, many users report mildly relaxing or calming effects, with others saying CBD helps them focus. Headaches or even migraines can also be alleviated with CBD. There are also experience reports for this, including from the neurologist Michele Ross, who uses CBD against her migraines and spoke to VICE about its anti-inflammatory effects.

The WHO are not aware of any, including the pharmacist Maya Marinic, who specializes in CBD, says that her patients have so far not reported any side effects. But here you should keep in mind that there is still little research into CBD as a drug.

Can I take CBD in addition to pain pills?

Yes, you can. In addition to CBD, prescription-free pain pills are no problem, says pharmacist Maya Marinic. At least no interactions are known so far. It is different with some prescription drugs such as opioids. CBD could increase the effect.

"How quickly CBD works depends on what you take it against," says pharmacist Maya Marinic. In the case of minor complaints such as insomnia, it can be done quickly. In the case of inflammation or even in cancer therapy, it can take weeks for the body to adjust to it. Theoretically, however, the effect can occur after a few seconds if you smoke flowers that contain a lot of CBD, or even better vaporize them. It can take longer for oils, at least a few minutes.

While some companies offer CBD snacks for dogs and other animals, there is little research on how it affects them. Most of the information comes from reports from individual dog owners. They mainly give their Fiffis CBD against anxiety, pain and seizures.

Animal neurologist Stephanie McGrath of the University Hospital at Colorado State University was one of the few researchers to study how dogs react to CBD. She says her research suggests that dogs tolerate CBD well and it's relatively safe. McGrath also advises making sure that the product contains as little, preferably no, THC as possible. This can be harmful to dogs.

You should also choose products with at least the same quality standards as if you were taking them yourself: Pay attention to where the CBD product comes from and what other substances it contains that could be harmful to your dog. If you decide to give your dog CBD, you should start with a low dose and gradually increase it as you would with humans.

While many people on the Internet report that CBD invigorates them, the pharmacist Maya Marinic also has patients who say the opposite: "Many people take CBD in the evening because it calms them and thus also has a sleep-inducing effect."

How strong should CBD oil be? 5, 10, 20 or 30 percent?

You have to try it out. If you have milder complaints such as insomnia, a five percent oil is probably enough. Even schizophrenic patients who can take CBD because of its potential antipsychotic effects, often a ten percent oil is enough, says the pharmacist Maya Marinic, but sometimes you have to give extremely high doses. Then it might get a bit gross when a whole mouthful of oil isn't your thing. Because you would have to pour a lot of drops of oil into yourself to achieve an effect. For these cases there are oils with a high concentration of CBD.

Does CBD Help With Period Pain?

There are some studies that have shown that cannabis helps relieve pain. But no scientific study has looked at the effects of CBD on menstrual cramps since 1847. There are, however, experience reports. In this article, some women have told us that CBD oils or capsules help them with period pain.

Gudrun Lorenz-Eberhardt, specialist in gynecology and obstetrics in Graz, has also treated several women with CBD. In an observational study of 30 women, the women put CBD oil either under their tongue or directly on the tampon, she says. The feedback was consistently positive, but everyone has to try it out for themselves. We have compiled even more information about CBD and period cramps for you here.

Does CBD help against anxiety disorders and depression?

As is often the case, there are still too few studies to give a definitive answer to how CBD works against anxiety disorders. Nevertheless, there are many positive reports from patients. We have summarized some for you in this article. The pharmacist Maya Marinic also has this experience with her patients, who often treat various fears with CBD. There are also positive experience reports and initial studies for the treatment of depression. But research - you guessed it - is still at the beginning here as well.

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