Hades had children


This article is about Hades, the god of the dead. For the underworld, see underworld.

Hades (Greek: Ἅιδης) is in Greek mythology the Olympian god of the underworld and the dead.

His attribute is his cap, which makes him invisible and was made to him by the Cyclops. He is Persephone's husband.


Hades is the first son of Cronus and Rhea and was therefore the first to be devoured by his father, who was afraid of a prophecy that said his children would overthrow him. But Zeus, whom Kronos had not devoured because Rhea instead presented him with a wrapped stone, saved his siblings.

After Zeus and his siblings finally triumphed in a year-long battle against the Titans led by Kronos, Poseidon, Zeus and Hades tossed lots to decide who should get which empire. Zeus received the sky, Poseidon the sea and Hades the underworld.

Hades fell in love with Persephone and asked his brother Zeus to accept her mother Demeter's promise to hear him. Zeus, however, said that Hades was powerful and should take Persephone. So Zeus lured Persephone away from her friends and gave Hades the opportunity to take her to the underworld.

Dementer looked everywhere for Persephone but found no clues until she came across the Titan Hecate, who had heard Persephone scream. Hecate could tell her that Hades had kidnapped Persephone. Persephone put up all the resistance she could muster in the underworld: she screamed around, threw plates around and did not touch any food, because that would have meant that she and the landlord were friends.

Meanwhile, Dementer complained to Zeus. This should do something against Hades. But he did not see this and was more than satisfied with Hades as a man for Persephone. Hades is very powerful and can take care of Persephone. Dementer was so angry that her heart froze and it would only let it grow a little again when Persephone was with her again. Hades, in turn, threatened to let the dead out of the underworld again if he was taken from Persephone.

He had a garden built in the underworld for Persephone and only used the most beautiful plants in the world. In the middle of the garden there was a pomegranate tree. When asked if she wanted to try one, she couldn't resist and ate a third of the pomegranate. At that moment, when she swallowed it, Hermes appeared, who was supposed to take her back to Olympus, as Dementer had prevailed. Hermes wanted to take her there directly, but asked if she had eaten anything in the underworld because no one was allowed to take anything from the underworld, which also included food. He looked at her hands and saw the two-thirds of the pomegranate.

Now the gods did not know what to do. Only Hestia knew advice: she suggested that Persephone stayed with Hades for a third of the year in the underworld, having eaten a third of a pomegranate. (The Greeks only knew spring, summer, and autumn and therefore divided the year into three parts) During this time Demeter's heart hardened and nothing grew; but when Persephone returned to her, spring came, which is why she was worshiped as the goddess of spring.

In another version, Theseus and Peirithoos wanted to kidnap Persephone from the underworld because Peirithoos wanted to marry them. However, Hades prevented this and both are captured. Heracles, however, freed Theseus and fled with him from the underworld, while Peirithoos stayed behind.

The important thing is that Hades is not a god of Olympus.