What was your favorite movie in 2017

My cinema year 2017

1. Describe your personal cinema year 2017 in one word!


2. Which film did you feel most ashamed / amused about in the cinema in 2017?

I actually enjoyed myself the most at Killer's Bodyguard. The interaction between Ryan Reynolds and Samuel L. Jackson was just brilliant and hilarious.

3. Which filmmaker is your new discovery of the year?

My new discovery is Edgar Wright. Of course you know his films, but it was only with Baby Driver that I really got him on the screen. Well better late than never.

4. On a scale from 1 (Boo!) To 10 (Wuhu!) - how good was the cinema year 2017?


5. With ..... I feel like watching more films by ......

I'm after mother! by Darren Aronofsky get in the mood for more films from this exceptional director.

6. What was your most enjoyable / shocking serial moment of the year?

I'm not a big fan of series, but I still had an enjoyable series moment. The third season of Fargo. As in the first two seasons, I was entertained well again.

7. What is your favorite 2017 film and why do you recommend it?

I've seen a lot of films that I enjoyed, so it is relatively difficult to pick out one favorite film. I would choose Logan - The Wolverine by James Mangold on the spur of the moment. The film is a good ending for Hugh Jackman as Wolverine and shows that comic book adaptations don't always have to be colorful and funny.