Where and when did the ice skating start

It all started with ice skating

Rosl and Helmut Reuss celebrated the golden wedding feast on Saturday. The couple come from Schweinfurt and have lived in Obertheres since 1996. Rosl Reuß, nee Mager, was born in 1931 and learned the trade of dressmaker. Her husband was born in 1929, trained as an industrial clerk and was employed by FAG Kugelfischer in Schweinfurt until 1987.

The couple met on December 31, 1946 while ice skating in the weir systems. Rosl Reuss remembers exactly: "My (future) husband hit me so hard while ice skating that I fell and hit my head. He picked me up and took care of me". The chance acquaintance turned into love and so in 1950 the wedding followed in an "emergency church" in the St. Kilians parish, since the Kilian's church, which had been bombed during the war, could not be used again.

A daughter and a son were given to the couple. For around 30 years, Rosl and Helmut Reuss have been out on vacation with their caravan. Carinthia, but also the Baltic Sea, are popular holiday destinations. In the rest of their free time, they worked in their allotment garden in Schweinfurt, enjoyed bowling, hiking or cycling.

Helmut Reuss was also involved in aircraft model construction for decades. The anniversaries feel at home in Obertheres, have made many new friends, go bowling twice a week in Obertheres and once in Schweinfurt, or take part in events organized by the senior citizens' group. They also enjoy walking and cycling a lot. In addition, they are members of the Obertheres horticultural association.

Two grandchildren and two great-grandchildren also congratulated them on the anniversary.

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