HTC Vive can be run on a laptop

Microsoft: PC check tool for VR headsets released

The first VR headsets from MS partner groups for Windows Mixed Reality are due to appear next month. To check whether your own PC is powerful enough, Microsoft has now published the "Windows Mixed Reality PC Check" tool in the Windows Store.

This checks your system for all basic qualifications for VR, starting with the graphics card, through the CPU to the RAM and the USB connection. The software can already be downloaded, but it will currently still show all users that VR cannot be executed. Because one of the basic requirements is the Fall Creators Update, which will only appear in October.

Meanwhile, there is already a practical link under which Microsoft lists the minimum system requirements for Mixed Reality. The company distinguishes between two categories: Windows Mixed Reality PCs and Windows Mixed Reality Ultra PCs. The former should display the VR content at 60 fps, while the Ultra PCs should come to 90 fps.

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