What is a house party

what does tenant mean?


I recently had the following problem:

We are four tenants in our house.

  1. Everyone has a key to the front door (street).
  2. Only one tenant has a key to the courtyard door.
  3. The same tenant only has the key to the stairwell door (leads to all apartments).

This one tenant now regularly raises the latch on the stairwell door so that it can no longer be opened by simply "pressing" it.

I now live on the ground floor with my seriously ill mother, who has the marks G, aG and H and the nursing service now has to enter the apartment 5 times a day (has all the keys, except for the stairwell).

For about a week, the door to the stairwell has been regularly locked with the snapper, so that neither I, two other tenants and the nursing staff can no longer enter our own apartment.

We always have to hope that "someone is at home" in order to gain access to our own apartment through other tenants.

I have already reported this to the property management, but they support it because thieving neighbors have moved in. The fact that a) they would have to break open the courtyard or front door in order to get into the stairwell and b) the staircase door is made of simple glass and therefore does not represent an obstacle when breaking open the former massive wooden doors, was not taken into account and with a "The locks are adjusted so that all doors have the same locks" replied.

Since May 6th, 2017 I've hung a note on the door with the information that three out of four tenants do not have a key to this door and so please leave it open. Furthermore, the nursing staff has to be able to enter regularly, which is not possible with the door locked. On May 11th, 2017 the nursing staff also wrote that they would hold the responsible tenant accountable in an emergency if something should happen to my mother through the locked door, but the door is still willfully locked!

Now I still see a problem:

Because if there is an emergency and my mother needs help, how should I take care of my mother to let the emergency doctor in at the same time? I would now be forced to leave my mother alone to hold the door open for the emergency doctor so that he can enter the apartment!

Before that, I went to the apartment door, opened the front door with a button and immediately went back to her and waited for the emergency doctor! (We recently had the case where she got severe pneumonia over the winter)

Does anyone know to what extent I have the legal right to demand that this door remain unlocked?

It can't do that I have to constantly hope that someone is in the house to let me in ... oO

Cheerio, BlackBurn