Are insurance companies fraudsters

1. Term: Fraud to the detriment of insurance companies by policyholders or third parties with the aim of obtaining insurance coverage that is not provided, of asserting a claim for damages that is unjustified in terms of reason and / or amount or to pay a lower insurance premium. Fraudulent behavior begins with deliberately incorrect information when submitting the application and extends to manipulation in connection with damage.

2. Consequences: a) for the insurance industry: It is assumed that the German insurance industry will suffer damage of around 4 billion euros annually as a result of V. In the field of motor vehicle insurance, it is estimated that 10% of all claims reports are to be classified as fraudulent.
b) for the fraudster: (1) criminal consequences: fines or imprisonment; (2) Consequences under private law: Loss of insurance cover, recourse and claims for damages.

3. Countermeasures: a) At association level: On December 1st, 2002, the “Combating Crime / Money Laundering” department set up by the GDV began its work. Tasks: Coordination of cross-divisional activities to combat fraud, cooperation with the police and the investigative authorities.
b) On the insurer's side: intensification of the training of employees on fraud detection, commissioning of external experts (experts, investigators), use of special technology to detect suspicious transactions. See also Notice and Information System (HIS).