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The Joker

Film release: October 10, 2019

The drama "Joker" by director Todd Phillips tells the story of the origin of the infamous Batman adversary, whose role is vividly portrayed by Joaquin Phoenix: Arthur Fleck fights in vain to find his place in society in Gotham City. He tries his hand at being a stand-up comedian, but quickly finds out that every joke is always at his expense. Trapped in a downward spiral of indifference and cruelty, Arthur makes one wrong decision after another, leading to a chain reaction of escalating events and ultimately his transformation into the Joker.


Gotham City and the Joker Stairs

It was extremely important to Todd Phillips to find authentic locations for the film, as the environment in which Arthur moves should say a lot about his life, his everyday life. To do this, he worked closely with production designer Mark Friedberg, who like him grew up in New York City. The set for Gotham's main square was built in neighboring Newark. The local graffiti artist Malcolm A. Rolling was specially hired to create the appropriate murals.

The working-class neighborhoods of Highbridge and Kingsbridge in the Bronx, the northernmost borough in New York City, ultimately served as the backdrop for Arthur's residential area in the film. Even if the crime rate in the Bronx is no longer as high as it was in the 80s, the structurally weak quarter is still considered a social hotspot in some places. You should keep this in mind if you want to follow in the footsteps of the “Joker” yourself.

The staircase, which has already achieved great fame thanks to the "Joker" and is now also frequented by tourists, connects as West 167th Street is Anderson Avenue with Shakespeare and Jerome Avenue. From stop 167th Street, it is only a five-minute walk to the now iconic 131 steps.

The New York subway, which mostly crosses the Bronx as an elevated train, takes about 30 to 40 minutes from Midtown Manhattan. The train station 170th Street Station can also be seen in the film.


Brooklyn and other locations

The exterior of Arkham State Hospital is actually the Brooklyn Army Terminal in Sunset Park. The complex was built in 1918 and from World War II until the 1960she Years used by the military to transport material and people to Europe. It was from here that Elvis Presley traveled to West Germany for military service in 1958. The terminal was sold to the City of New York in 1981 and is now used as an industrial park. The New York water taxi connects the Brooklyn terminal with Manhattan and Queens.

Don't be surprised: For the film, the Brooklyn Army Terminal was digitally added a few more floors, so that it appears even larger in "Joker". The interior shots for the hospital were taken in Harlem’s Metropolitan Hospital. The scenes in which Arthur appears as a clown in a children's hospital were also filmed there.

Again in Brooklyn, filming for "Joker" took place in the legendary Kings Theater. The Filmpalast opened its doors in 1929 and has had to be renovated in recent years. For the film, the cinema took on the role of Wayne Hall.

Arthur finds his first audience as a stand-up comedian at the iconic Dangerfield’s Comedy Club on Manhattan's Upper East Side. Other "Joker" locations are in Jersey City and Los Angeles.


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