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Huawei: trade embargo just a tactic for the election campaign?

The smear campaign against Huawei continues, now the former Google CEO Eric Schmidt is also accusing the manufacturer of espionage. However, Schmidt now works for the US government, which means that his position cannot be viewed as impartial. The White House is also pursuing a perfidious plan through the Huawei trade embargo, according to a statement by a former United States national security advisor. Donald Trump is supposed to use the Asian company as a plaything to force a new trade agreement with China as a plus point for his election campaign.

Eric Schmidt accuses Huawei of eavesdropping

Critical relationship: Huawei and the USA
Image: Dado Ruvic / REUTERS The former Google Chairman recently conducted an interview with the British radio station BBC Radio 4. During this conversation, he confirmed the statements of the US government that Huawei posed a national security risk. "There is no question that Huawei has carried out some practices that are unacceptable for national security," said Schmidt. According to him, there is no doubt that information from Huawei routers eventually ended up in hands that are likely to be the Chinese state. "However that happened, we are sure it happened," the American confirms his point of view. Eric Schmidt
Image: Eric Schmidt Huawei already responded to the interview and again denied that it was merely an instrument of the Chinese government. "As with similar allegations in the past, they are not based on evidence," concludes Victor Zhang, Vice President of Huawei UK. In the further course of the conversation, Eric Schmidt confessed that he had been prejudiced against Chinese companies for years. For example, that the companies could copy well, but would not bring any new innovations. These prejudices should be thrown overboard.

"The Chinese are just as good, if not better than the West in key areas of research and innovation," acknowledges Schmidt. “We have to pull ourselves together in order to be competitive,” is his conclusion. The North American government seems to have both respect and fear of the strong competition from the Middle Kingdom.

Huawei sanctions just a meltdown for election campaign?

Donald Trump
Image: Donald Trump Hardly a day goes by when US President Donald Trump is not pilloried because of dubious actions in the real world or social networks. The whole witch hunt against Huawei is also supposed to be just one stone of his controversial leadership mosaic. At least that is what John Balton, a former national security adviser, recently claimed to the Wall Street Journal. The latter chats from the sewing box in his new book "The Room Where It Happened". The work is mainly about the actions and trains of thought of the US President.

Donald Trump is said to have hinted at easing the trade embargo if China is ready to sign a new trade deal. The statesman wanted to promote these improved economic conditions as a big highlight in his election campaign. Accordingly, the disadvantage of Huawei is less about an actual security risk, but more about having leverage for negotiations with Chinese President Xi Jinping. As a “hero of the nation”, Trump envisions better chances for re-election.

The US Department of Justice wants to prevent the general publication of John Balton's book, pointing out that the content poses a national security risk.