What happens when you breathe in fiberglass

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RE: Inhaled glass fibers ???
Sometimes I ask myself why everything and everything here has to be talked badly and talked to pieces.
My God, those few fibers, if they should actually be there, don't do anything.
Strangely, however, nobody has asked what happens to the liquid in the lungs.

A few wise guys could say that over time you drown from it. After all, the boiling points of PG and VG, i.e. the temperatures at which these substances evaporate, are well above 100 ° C. When vapor is drawn into the lungs, it condenses in the alveoli; i.e., it liquefies again.
Since the body temperature is not high enough to evaporate this fluid again, it builds up in the lungs and over time you drown on it.

Is that enough now to finally ban vaping as harmful to health?

The more such idiotic and absurd sources of danger are shown here, the more PöLa is happy.