Which questions annoy you

Translation of "dich ärgern" in English

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You can't delete the details that annoy you.
You don't get to delete the details that annoy you.
Then why should it annoy you?!
Anton, I know we annoy you.
They just want to hurt you annoy you.
I'm not doing this because I annoy you want, but because I'm worried.
I do not do this to annoy you. I worry about you.
It would annoy you, if that were the case?
With this birthday cigar I wanted annoy you.
My birthday cigar, now that's meant to annoy you.
I'm still missing that, just don't think I'm a fly that annoy you want.
Well, the last thing in the world I want to do is to be a fly and annoy you, Clarence.
You pay me to kill people who annoy you.
I had to annoy you, Duke.
I should have said something beforehand, but I feared you would annoy you.
I should've said something before, but I was afraid you'd get angry.
That could annoy you, Bob, but I feel like I have to say it.
This could very well bug you, Bob, but I feel I have to say it.
Why should I hurt you annoy you?
They only do these things because of them annoy you want.
They only do these things because they resent you.
Watch out, Andrej, I'll be over annoy you.
You know it annoy you becomes.
If something bothers you, leave it annoy you.
I wanted annoy you, Mother, I would say, put it somewhere for you.
If you annoy yousay your dad is giving them one.
But what annoys me and what annoy you should start a race on Monday that started on Sunday.
What I mind, and what you should mind, is showing up on Monday for a race that was run on Sunday.
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