Build a community on Facebook

How to build a community on Facebook

Starting a Facebook group is not difficult. However, in order for your Facebook group to become a real community, you should consider a few points, which I will illuminate in more detail in the following text.

Expect to invest a certain amount of time

Especially if you are setting up a Facebook group for the first time, you should not underestimate the time required. If you restart your Facebook group, expect about 30-45 minutes per day. Once the group is running, 15-20 minutes a day may be enough.

Have your goal in mind

Do you want one Build a functioning community, so you have to have a clear goal in mind. Ask yourself why you want to build your community.

  • Do you want to increase the sales of your products?
  • Do you want your service to be better known as a coach or consultant?
  • Do you want to position yourself as an expert in the market?
  • Do you want to consider feedback from your target group as early as possible in the product development process?
  • Or do you want to relieve your support through an active support community?

There are tons of reasons to build a community, and Facebook groups are the fastest and easiest way to get started right now. Provided that you can get involved with the topic and do not allow yourself to be influenced by errors about Facebook marketing.

You need a clear idea of ​​your target group

Before you start a group, you should have a specific idea of ​​your target group. Who exactly do you want to address with your group? Don't try to reach everyone.

Limit your audience to those who bring you closest to your goal. You won't be able to build a successful community if you try to reach everyone.

Define the topic of your group

Describe your group as precisely as possible. What topic do you want to build a community on? How can future members of your group benefit?

Having a clear focus on a specific topic is important. Pick a topic that fits your product or service. You will get more members excited about your group if you focus on a smaller niche topic.

Give your group a meaningful name

Think of a catchy name for your community.

Why is that so important?

Because most people become aware of a group through Facebook search. There are around 1.5 billion searches on Facebook every day. If you give your group a name that makes it easier for people to come across your group, you've already won. It's best to choose a name that already reveals the topic of your group and contains the most important keywords.

Now you can build your community

After you have completed planning and starting the group, you can start building your community. In order for your group to get going, you need a certain number of members.

You can read here how you can do this best:

Use other groups

The first way you can build your own community is through other groups. Pick groups that are in a niche similar to yours. These groups should have at least 50 members.

Join these groups and put yourself in the limelight with good comments and contributions. This will position you as an expert in your field. After a while, you will contact the respective group administrator and make suggestions for cooperation. You want to get involved in their group and expect a little publicity for your own community in return.

Invite influencers to join your group

If you manage to win an influencer as a group member, you have almost won. Most of the time it works through detours.

You introduce an influencer's product to your group and tag the influencer in your post. The influencer receives a message that they have been tagged by you. Now the influencer will take a look at your group and, if possible, become a member. The influencer's fans see this. And will now take a look at your group for their part.

Invite the fans of your fan page to your community

If you don't have a fan page for your company yet, you can create one. Suitable for the topic of your group. There you post articles that offer your fans real added value.

Once you have around 100 fans, start mentioning your Facebook group. And encourage your fans to join your community.

Promote your Facebook group on other social media channels

To help your community grow, you should promote it on other social media channels.

You publish posts there that revolve around the topic of your group. Or you can announce that your Facebook community has exclusive content only for group members.

Let your members promote your group

On average, each of your group members has 200 friends with similar interests. You make use of this. With the help of incentives or smaller competitions, you can motivate your members to recruit other group members.

For example, you could start a competition to see who can get the most new members. You can count this by asking attendees to post any members they've invited. Or by asking in the questions before joining the group who recruited this new member.

Interact with your fans

Especially at the beginning it is important that you are in constant contact with your fans. This will give your group a boost. Ask your fans questions. This contributes to discussion and lively communication.

Thank you for good comments with a "Like" and answer your fans.

Bring rituals to the group, for example introducing new members.

Build a personal relationship with your fans

Once you've started your group, you need to make sure your fans are comfortable there.

The best way to do this is to develop a personal relationship with your fans. Tell little stories from your life that concern you personally. When you make the first move, your fans will follow you and also start telling their stories.

And then you are in personal contact with your fans and build trust. Trust in yourself and ultimately your product or service that you want to sell.

Conclusion - building a community doesn't just happen

If you want to build a well-functioning community through a Facebook group, you should start with well-founded planning. Important points to keep in mind are the goal and topic of your group and future members.

Then your Facebook group will be an effective and valuable marketing tool for you.

Melchior Neumann
As the founder and managing director of PERGENZ Community Building, Melchior lives for digital communities. As a strategic thought leader, he is constantly concerned with new forms and possibilities of social organizations. In addition, he is a board member of the Federal Association of Community Management - for digital communication and social media.