How does Thanos destroy the universe

That's why Thanos from Avengers: Infinity Wars wants to destroy the universe

Warning: The following text contains spoilers.

As you probably already know, the purple Thanos is synonymous with a lot of trouble in the comics. Thanos loves to destroy every form of life in the universe in order to impress the human embodiment of death, which in principle is nothing more than a skeleton wearing human skin and sometimes an extravagant green dress. Love can sometimes be really very difficult to understand.

According to Kevin Feige, however, the purple murder machine will have almost something of a conscience in the future.

"He comes from a planet called Titan, which is no longer inhabited for reasons he thought it might help prevent, but was not allowed to," Feige said in an interview with Entertainment Weekly. “What he feared most has happened and life on the planet has been completely wiped out. He has vowed not to let this happen again. He thinks the universe is going down the drain and believes that life is becoming uncontrollable and that will be the reason for the end of the universe and for life itself. "

Thanos doesn't hold back when it comes to wiping out entire civilizations. That he is now in InfinityWarsDeveloping something of a conscience is a big step forward. He and his horde of genetically engineered outsiders are trying to get an Infinity Stone to create the Infinity Gauntlet that can manipulate time and space in ways that even Stephen Hawking cannot imagine - and by the way could also save half the universe.

The corpses that line his path are not insignificant, however. Which superheroes survive depends on which half he'll spare. And Thanos can be very impulsive.

"It's either awesome or terrible, depending on which perspective you see it from," says Feige. "And most of our perspectives show that he's pretty awful."