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After the genius died | Am I Dumber Than Hawking Because I Believe In God?

Could it be that the man who knew almost everything was wrong on one crucial point?

Stephen Hawking didn't believe in God. So he was always a strong argument for many atheists. Motto: If the genius sees it this way, then it is. Anyone who believes otherwise is lazy or totally naive.

So for many years I successfully defended myself against the faith. But when I began to deal with it more intensively, I learned: I couldn't research God dead.

On the contrary: the more I read, the more sensible and rational the idea of ​​a God who created everything seemed to me. When my heart had long since said "yes" to Jesus, at some point the mind followed and I became a Christian.

Is that why I - are we believers - more stupid than Stephen Hawking? Dumber for sure (at least most of us). But not THEREFORE!

To this day, nobody knows what was before the Big Bang. What or who triggered it. Who created the laws of nature.

The scientific theories on this are so complex that they are usually beyond the reason. Like belief in God.

I read the book "Justifies Faith" by Stephan Lange. The bottom line here: There can be an ungodly explanation for the creation of the world. And a divine one. We exist because of incredible coincidences and laws - or by believing in a Creator.

Both assumptions are reasonable. No one is more stupid than the other. This also explains why many scientists are believers. Nobel laureate in physics - also an ex-NASA director or the head of the European Space Agency ESA.

"You Can't Prove That God Doesn't Exist"

Even Hawking didn't think believers were stupid. His view was: Science doesn't need God. The universe can have created itself.

But he also once said to the broadcaster ABC: "You can't prove that God doesn't exist."

Stephen Hawking was a brilliant atheist. May God turn a blind eye if he was wrong about this one thing.