Can beat Real Madrid Barcelona 10-0

Sports: "The league title slipped away! The team was once again unable to beat a big rival in a crucial game. The double seems to be reserved for another season. Barça have overturned after an insufficient 0-0 win against Atlético Atlético were better for much of the game. The Blaugrana were overwhelmed by fear after losing to many direct rivals earlier this season. Barça were more defensive than attacking. It was a disappointing game because Barça didn't seem to take it as a final. Inexplicable. Barça are still alive, but after what we've seen it will probably only stay at the Copa. "

Mundo Deportivo: "Gift to Real Madrid. Barça and Atlético insist on letting Madrid live. Both were unable to win a crucial game to increase their chances of winning the league title. The tie between a boring Barça and an Atlético, Real Madrid are serving the title on the tray that deserves more. Real Madrid now have it in their own hands: if they win everything, they will be champions. "

AS: "You are doing Madrid a favor. Fear dominates Barcelona, ​​which is practically saying goodbye to all its chances for the title. And it dominates an Atlético that makes the championship dependent on Real Madrid. The worst thing Barcelona and Atlético at Camp Nou Could have happened, it was a goalless draw. Both teams are tackling the championship - and if either of them wins it, it will be due to future mistakes by Real Madrid. Real Madrid are the biggest beneficiaries of this duel in which both sides there was more fear of making mistakes rather than becoming a hero. "

La Vanguardia: "A Barça without punch cannot overthrow Atlético. Koeman's side lacked the courage. Barça failed to win any of their four games against the Madrid clubs."

Barça's results from top games this season:

Barça 1-3 Real Madrid
Juventus 0-2 Barça
Atléti 1-0 Barça
Barça 0-3 Juventus
Barça 1-4 PSG
PSG 1-1 Barça
Real Madrid 2-1 Barça
Barça 0-0 Atléti

- Barçawelt (@Barcawelt) May 8, 2021

Marca: "Barça and Atlético play for Real Madrid. Real Madrid benefit, 'win' at Camp Nou and now have the championship in their own hands. Atlético has lost its own dependency on the title. The point gain is good, but a win for Real Madrid against Sevilla would put Zidane's side at the top of the table. This draw is a win for Real Madrid. "

Kicker: "In the end, both rivals had to be annoyed. On the one hand, because the 0-0 at Camp Nou Real Madrid opened the door to the championship lead a big crack. Los Blancos can go through this door on Sunday evening with a home win over the league champions Sevilla and On the other hand, because Atletico were clearly the better team for a long time, but on the other side Barça had a great chance of victory shortly before the end. "

picture: "0-0 in the top Spanish game: Atletico keep Barça and Messi at a distance. Was this zero number enough for the title? At Messi, Ter Stegen and Co., the team of coach-Vulkan Diego Simeone worked out a 0-0 and stays with it still two points ahead of Barça. Today, however, the big city rivals Real Madrid can still overturn with the same number of points.

The Sun: "Messi and Co. miss the chance to overtake their rivals for the league title. An intense duel ends in a draw at Camp Nou. Neither team made a breakthrough in a nervous encounter."

Gazzetta dello Sport: "0-0 - and a big thank you from Real Madrid. The 0-0 win at Camp Nou puts the championship in Real's hands. The first half belonged to Atlético, the second to Barça. But there were no goals. Atlético had to win to continued to be self-dependent, but they have not been successful at Camp Nou since February 2006 and the series of games has been extended to 21. "

L’Equipe: "The duel between Barça and Atlético was presented as one of the La Liga finals and resulted in a draw. Real Madrid can use that. Will Ousmane Dembélé have nightmares? He missed a goal in the 85th minute that would have meant the title can."