How is the Netflix business model sustainable

Understood in 5 minutes: The Netflix success model for your industry

Phase 1 - inventory and assessment: At the beginning there is the creation of a data catalog. This gives an overview of all available data and data sources. After completing this phase, customers will be able to better assess all relevant information and the potential of the data.


Phase 2 - integration: Regardless of where the data comes from, whether from public sources or internal silos, the second phase serves to merge or integrate them. The data is cleaned up and brought to a uniform semantic format. Then they are ready for further viewing.


Phase 3 - Analysis: From now on it will be really exciting. The actual data analysis begins in the third phase. Information Workbench creates meaningful reports and clear, understandable dashboards (overviews) with versatile visualization functions. In this step, Information Workbench creates usable knowledge from the collected data.


Phase 4 - apply knowledge: The new knowledge flows directly into the company's decision-making processes. This also enables processes to be automated and new business areas to be identified. An ROI is visible within a short time - corporate customers will soon no longer want to do without the Information Workbench.