How do introverts communicate

Real communication aids for introverts

The times are on "extroverted". Extroverted communication skills make you more successful - at least on the surface. One perceives extroverts faster and in this perception it can happen that their statements are perceived as "truer" and therefore more important. But is that true?

Sure, whoever is a rampage pig is faster in the media, convinces faster in a lecture or determines the topic faster in a meeting. Nevertheless, it should be noted: Often it is the introverted people who make balanced statements and brilliant speeches who, thanks to their ability to reflect, get things right to the point. When asked “Who is a top speaker in modern world history?”, It is not the extroverted Donald Trump but usually one of the most famous, introverted people who is named: Barack Obama.

So when introverted people focus on what is their strength, they also score in communication. Content and stories that grab you and have depth. Maybe not everyone gets up cheering in the first five minutes, but even an hour after the last words, people still know what has been said.

For introverts, the following applies: New media supposedly help to simplify communication, because spontaneity can give way to a certain period of reflection. However, introverted people run the risk of forgiving their supposed strengths to formulate things in depth in the generally rather superficial Whatsapp world. That would be a shame!

If you belong to the group of introverts, score with content and style! There are also others who can and want to listen. Perhaps you use the written communication a little more intensively because it suits you. If, as an extrovert, you have introverted people in your environment, pay attention to these fine and often extremely valuable tones. Otherwise you would miss a lot!

Extroverted here and introverted backwards - after all, we're all just human beings. With strengths and weaknesses, with preferences and qualities that you admire in others, maybe even would like to have yourself. Regardless of the fact that we usually have both in us, albeit in different proportions, of course both have more than just a right to exist - because it makes our life, our communication, our everyday life more exciting and varied.