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"If people have never heard of you, give them your music and let them decide whether they like it or not." Sam Hunt

At first glance, Sam Hunt might seem like a typical young US singer. He looks brilliant, is heavily ensnared by the media and girls and virtuously combines R’n’B appeal with pop and beats. But on closer inspection it falls like scales from the eyes: On Sam Hunt is nothing typical. Prior to his meteoric career, he was a one-legged professional quarterback with a prospect NFL, his first own release was a Mixtape and today it lands an average of 850,000 global streams per day, performed at Jimmy FallonsThe Tonight Show and Taylor Swift tweeted "such a star". De facto is Sam Hunt one of the most successful US newcomers in 2015 and his internationally acclaimed debut album is called Montevallo.

Mother-in-law's dream - shooting star Sam Hunt

Hunt grew up in rural Cedartown, Georgia and focused on sports during his school days. He becomes the regular quarterback of the University of Alabama in Birmingham and his way into the professional league is purely a matter of form - a guitar falls into his hands and he falls head over heels for the songs of Townes Van Zandt and John Prine. He quickly begins to put chords together and to write his own melodies and realizes that his flirtation with music has become a full-blown relationship. “That was weird because I didn't know anyone else who played ball and made music at the same time,” says Hunt. "It took me a while to come to terms with it." With little idea of ​​the music circus but all the bigger dreams he quit football and goes to Nashville. After just a few gigs in town, he got a publishing contract and devoted himself exclusively to writing songs.

While Sam Hunt is welcomed with open arms in the songwriting community and for stars like Keith Urban Delivering chart hits, he increasingly experiments with modern beats and combines them with narrative texts full of puns to create a completely new style. Some of his fellow songwriters are skeptical, but as Kenny Chesney "Come Over" (co-written by Hunt) records and it becomes a No. 1 hit, Hunt senses that he's on to something. His focus shifts from songwriter to solo artist and he meets Zach Crowell, who is responsible for the beats of the Antioch rap crew responsible for. They hide in Crowell's studio for hours and tinker with his text ideas. When they have enough material, they borrow a concept from the rap world: a will be released in 2013 Mixtape called Between the pines with acoustic songs. “Hip-hop is great at making music accessible,” he explains. "If people have never heard of you, just give them your music and let them decide whether they like it or not."

Even after signing Universal / MCA Nashville Hunt continues on his way undeterred and delivers with his debut album Montevallo a highly exciting mix of sounds and styles. The very first German release "Take Your Time" fascinates with spoken vocals and warm vocals in the verses and wonderful pop with aggressive beats in the chorus. No wonder the song goes through the roof: The clip for "Take Your Time" was on Vevo 80 million clicks, the single sold more than two million copies in the USA and the song made it into the top 10 of the airplay charts with our neighbors in the Netherlands and Italy. But also the more melodic “Make You Miss Me”, the explosive refrain of “Break Up in a Small Town” or “Raised On It”, in which he writes about his youth in a small town and uses pictures that are about the clichéd trucks and walking out on sandy streets, overwhelm with Hunt's clearly audible credo. Contradictions should be accepted and rules broken - because real creativity is limitless.

The Cedartown, Georgia-born singer made it to the top

The title Montevallo refers to a place in Alabama Hunt often retires to visit friends and escape the pressures of the music business. But it is just as important to him that the word means “mountains and valleys” in Spanish - which, as he says, “feels pretty right”. Montevallo follows Hunt's recently released album preview X2C, led by the gold-plated top 5 track "Leave the Night On" and with up to five million streams per week Spotify alone he won the latest edition of the EmergeProgram for new artists, for whom acts like Macklemore & Ryan Lewis or Bastille were selected. When Hunt talks about his approach and goals, he can't help but use his past: “You want to stand out, be unique,” ​​he says. “I try to anticipate what the opponent is doing and then automatically do it differently. This is a way of thinking from sports, but it also applies to many other parts of life. "

One thing is clear: On Sam Hunt is actually nothing typical at all.